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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Long time no see

This is from when we started. Govind sir's quiz, the second quiz that the CQC saw, back from when we were at oxford. Brilliant stuff. :)

For the most of you weren't there at that time.

CQC quiz #2
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P.s : A few pics/movies arew missing due to size constraints.

Friday, February 6, 2009

For Old Times' Sake

From our seasoned quizzer, Mr.Senthil :)

"Hello Gang,

 Here are a set of questions to break the monotony while we wait for another meeting!

 Guys who were part of “Winner buys Dinner” night would know the answers to three of the questions below, for others I hope it is a challenge.

 For guys and girls who have difficulty with Tamil, “Go get a translator or yield.”"


1. Funda?


3.The Namboodiris of Kerala followed an ancient but cruel practice called “Prashtu” or “Brashtu.”  Curiously, long after this practice became redundant in Kerala, it was the cause of shaping the history of Tamil Nadu. How?

4. Connect

5. Connect Gundu Rao, Southern Railway, Dharapuram, and a water bubble.

6. Connect

7. Connect again. :)


Guess away people!