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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nov 16th Quiz.

Nov 16th 2008, the day our Chief minister decided to turn up at Coimbatore. Ever remember a day when politicians visiting your city meant anything good? Well, I don't.
  • He wasted a lot of power for which we will be victimised for.
  • The head count last week was half the usual count.
  • White-attired men drunk and yelling on the road sides.
However, the quiz went as per schedule. Mr.Senthil Kumar stepped in on short notice, to conduct the quiz on Mr.Anand's absence, and the fact that he did THIS within a day without an internet connection reflects his 34 years worth of quizzing experience. I leave you with the presentation.

CQC quiz nov 16, 2008
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Welcome to the official blog of the Coimbatore Quiz Circle, a group of people who love quizzing as much as they like their Annapoorna sambar, if not more.

We meet every fortnight, breaking the monotony of everyday life with an informal quiz at the PSG Institute of Management on Avanashi Road, which may be general or on a specialized subject. The quiz is usually conducted by a different member each time.The others split into teams, and guess away to glory. Witty answers, uncanny remarks or some of the unlikeliest-of-guesses-which-end-up-being-right, you name it, you’ll find it.

The CQC also conducts its annual Open Quiz, held during the time of January/February, and is currently in the process of promoting quizzing among various schools in and around the district (in collaboration with Samarpan, an NGO).

Details about the informal quizzes will be put up Friday, in the Coimbatore edition of the Metroplus Weekend.

For further details about CQC, contact:
Anjan - +919791803837
Senthil - 09363225581
Mail us at if you wish to inform us about quizzes.

Come, join, seek, and you'll see.

Shiva's turn





This is not an exhaustive list.

2. This is the logo for which product?


3. At school, he formed a stick-ball team called the Nads (providing him and his pals with a chance to shout “Go Nads”). At Yale, he was famous for doing the alligator, a dance that involved falling on the floor and rolling around. At Harvard Business School, he wore cowboy boots and chewed tobacco. Who am I talking about ?

4. Connect.


5.Identify this personality and what is his claim to fame?


6. Identify the product being advertised in the picture.


7. And the final connect is…….




The last informal quiz was hosted by vidyuth, and here’s what he had to say, ;)

“hey all,

quiz was a major success, and i’m one of the happiest ppl right now. i was very surprised, apparently word got around that i was to be the quizmaster and the entire thing was dominated by 4th and 5th standard school kids! (Apparently the way they see him he wears a cape and matching undies outside with the letter Q written on it! You go vidyuth!!)
Apprehension set in, i didn’t know whether they’d be able to get any. ultimately they didn’t, but a few guesses were highly brilliant :). the nicest thing about this episode was that the guys managed to crack each and every q and i had to give out the answers to only like 3, out of 50.
anyway, here’s the ultimate thing which i used for the finals. didn’t have enough time for round 6, so didn’t go thru with it. 
thanks to all those who contributed, sorry that some of you guys couldn’t make it. chal, maybe next time! :)
Sadly semesters made me miss it.
So here it is, the e-version of it.

Visual round by Mr.Pai

Answers to the connects

1. Lord Ganesh (Janus and Ganesh sound the same
Janus is the Roman God of Doors and Beginings
He has 2 Heads - One looking forward and One looking backwards
BTW - January is named after Janus.

2.  Zeenat Aman - The perfume was “Zeenat”

Zeenath Perfume

Zeenath Perfume

3. Photo Electric effect- Einsteins Nobel prize
4. They are both  Mascots which appear when the respective studio’s movies begin.
Leo is the mascot for MGM.It is the Lion roaring.
Luxo is the Mascot for Pixar films. It is the jumping desk lamp.





5. Connection - Blood, Brain and Beer.
Answer = David Ogilvy
It is the title of his Autobiography.
According to Ogilvy His father made him have those 3 objects daily.

Connect time

1. Which Indian God would you would you associate with the Roman god Janus, after whom the month of January is named?

2. Who was the first Indian Movie star to have a perfume to be named after him/her ?

3. For which discovery was Albert Einstein given the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 ?

4. Connect Leo and Luxo ?

5. Connections - the Pain of most quizzes









connect - what else?

-Mr. Yogesh Pai


A quiz by Mr.Senthil Kumar. Whose email ID I forgot to add to the users list. My bad. From next time on, he will post directly. :)




  1. What is the word for a person summarized thus: “He ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: he comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.”


  1. In film language, what would you call “a segment which uses rapid editing, special effects and music to present compressed narrativeinformation”


  1. In Greek mythology what is the offspring of Poseidon (the God of Sea) and Medusa (the Gorgon) called?


  1. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!” – This one is a famous quote from a famous film and has not been swept away by the winds – Name the film.


  1. Which company won this award “Safest and Most Environmentally Conscious Indian Shipping Company” for the year 2007?


  1. The use of what has been found to significantly decrease the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)?


  1. I started my career with “Terry Web and the Spiders” then moved to “Crawling King Snakes.” However, I am most remembered for the work I did with Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and Jimmy Page. Who am I and what was that band called?


  1. This one is a dead giveaway…Identify the bird

  1.  Who am I?
    1. I was the lover of Aphrodite
    2. I swam the Hellsponte every night to be with her, but was drowned in a storm.
    3. I share my name with a famous Tennis Player’s first name


  1. If you had erythrophobia what would you be afraid of?


  1. Which country once banned Donald Duck comics because he doesn’t wear pants?


  1. What is “Olympic Javelin” with respect to the London Olympic Games of 2012?


  1. If you went to a chirotonsor what would you get?


  1. What is “Saturday night paralysis?”


  1. To end, this one should be easy. What is a “pangram?”

The third one

1. I was born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr. and was known more for my  trade mark goggles and sky hook shot. Who am I?

2. In which Asterix book did Thompson and Thomson (from Tin Tin) appear?

3. What is it called when a person trades a security while in possession of non-public information?

4. By what term is an economy with moderate growth, low inflation and less unemployment called? (hint: The Three Bears)

5. In business parlance, who or what is a chainsaw consultant?

6. She was employed in TELCO after having written to JRD against gender discrimination in recruitment at TELCO. Excerpts of her last conversation with JRD:

      JRD: “So what are you doing, Mrs Kulkarni?”

      X:         “Sir, I am leaving Telco.”

      JRD: “Where are you going?”

      X:         “Pune, Sir. My husband is starting a company called ________ and I’m  shifting to Pune.”

      Identify the company and X.

7. In Formula I racing, which flag is waved to signify that there is only one more lap to go before the end of the race?

8. Who is the creator of this mascot called ‘Gattu’?


9. Which tagline did Adidas carry during the Cricket World Cup?

10. After this event, Ratan Tata said it was an ‘unbelievable experience and a terrific, terrific ride.’ What is the event he was talking about?

11. How would words such as brunch, Wikipedia, sysop, slithy, chocoholic etc. be termed?



1.What is presently known as ‘X’ ought to have been named after the first resident of that street.

 It was the usual practice then to name streets after the first resident irrespective of their class, caste or contribution.

When civil authorities approached him for his formal approval the humble, religious and self effasive gentleman requested it be named after a famous temple deity.Identify ‘X’.

2. Who are they?

          Max Ray - ‘Brilliant’ Sea Operations Commander

          Jake Rockwell - ‘Rugged’ Land Operations Specialist

          Ace McCloud - ‘Daring’ Air Operations Expert

3.To whose memory did Albert Uderzo dedicate this character fro Asterx and The Falling Sky?

4. In the most common versions of the story, he is an English barber who murders his customers with a cut-throat razor (or “straight razor” in American English),and turns their remains into meat pies. His establishment is situated in the historical Fleet Street of London.

    5. This dessert in Italian means “pick me up” but can be translated figuratively as “make me less sad/happier”.

          The first documented mention of this dessert in a published work appears in a Greek cookbook.

          Some claim that it was first created in Northern Italy during the First World War. Women made these desserts for their men to take with them as they were being sent off to war. They might have believed the high caffeine and energy content of these desserts would give their men more energy to fight and help bring them home safely.

6. ‘X’ is a very rich source of Iron, vitamins and anti-oxidants essential for human nutrition.Also known as Puntikura,comes in two varieties, green stemmed leaf and red stemmed. The red stemmed variety is more sour than the green stemmed variety.Identify ‘X’.



She’s the Man                                   A comedy of errors

10 Things I Hate About You              Taming of the shrew

Clueless                                                                   Twelfth Night

Lion King                                                                   Othello

Omkara                                                                     Emma

Angoor                                                                      Hamlet

8. Which company owns the brand Dettol ( parachlorometaxylenol ) ?

 9. Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Ltd started its first cafe in Brigade Road,Bangalore in 1996.Today it is spread across 69 Indian cities and has around 436 outlets.How are their cafe’s better known as ?


Identify t he Band

    11. Where can you find these places?

          Kabir Lane

          Vinayak Mudali Street

          Mempi Hills

          Frederick Lawley’s Statue

 12. Complete this quote “Shoot all the bluejays you want , if you can hit ‘em, but remember it’s a sin ————”

13.Kishore Biyani in his autobiography-”It Happened in India ” says “You might think that X was inspired from Sam Walton’s Wal-mart but the truth is everyone joining us had to spend a week in Y to learn the system.”Identify X and Y

14.Who’s the pokemon character Hitmonchan inspired from?

15.The only known ingredient of this drink is mistletoe.Lobster may be added for flavor.It comes in many other flavors including cheese omelette and vegetable soup.Identify the drink

16.DURING Don Bradman’s Australian cricket team’s tour of England in 1948, someone asked dashing, handsome all rounder Keith Miller to name the three most wonderful sights in England. Without any hesitation, Miller replied, “The hills of Derbyshire, the leg sweep of Denis Compton and ‘X’.Identify ‘X’.


Inaugural quiz

Hey everyone. I know this blog’s been idle since its creation. I wanted it to officially begin after the second meeting. I know I did not turn up for the second meeting as well (ahem), but anyway this has waited long enough. 

As of now we could have one quiz a week or every three days. The person who posts the quiz nominates the person who should post the next and inform that person by email. I’ll put up a list of the users on the sidebar for this purpose. Be sure you don’t pick the same person. Please shoot whatever trivia you have about the questions that you read, in the comments section. 

This process will go on till our next meeting, and then, if everybody is O.K with this idea, we can have the same or change our plans. 

Nuff said.

I’ll start it off with a few questions that we took for an intracollegiate quiz this sunday afternoon.

Questions :


1. On 7 Jan 2004 , Toyota Canada announced the name of a new car, calling it “the new wave of bold style.” This Special Edition Celica is a high-performance car, and is available in two colours - red and thundercloud. The original name was dumped when the car was released in January 2005. It is now called the Celica Sports Package.What was the dropped name? 

2.It was introduced as an experiment covering a 40km radius with the support of the UNESCO, Philips and the US Govt. in 1959. The facility was extended to Bombay in 1972, followed by Srinagar , Calcutta and Madras . It was delinked from its mother organization in 1976 and given the status of an independent corporation. The corporation wentcommercial in 1982 and was raking in Rs. 10 billion in ad revenue by 1987. What ?

3. Relatively easy one. Complete the list.
Brown University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Harvard University
Princeton University
University of Pennsylvania

4. This appeared in a company’s annual report - “A billion hours ago, human life appeared on earth. A billion minutes ago, Christianity emerged. A billion __________ ago was yesterday morning”. Fill in the blank.   

5. Metro Goldwyn Mayer trademarked its lion’s roar way back. Which other American company has also trademarked another special sound integral to its business ? A different kind of growl I’d say.)

6. The climactic battle theme, named “Neodämmerung” (in reference to Wagner’s Götterdämmerung), features a choir singing extracts (shlokas) from the Upanishads. The chorus can be roughly translated from Sanskrit as follows: “lead us from untruth to truth, lead us from darkness to light, lead us from death to immortality, peace peace peace“.
Name the film

7. He wrote articles under the pen-name  H.A.Largelamb to National Geographic as he wanted the articles to be accepted because of their content and not because of his incredible fame. Who? (Mr.Ashok contributed this and a few others too)

8. Lt. Col. Douglas Kirkpatrick ( Prof. of Aeronautics at USAF Academy ) on observing something said : ___ has overcome the acceleration of the earth’s gravity by use of muscle power in the vertical plane, thusproducing a low-altitude earth orbit. about who?

9. Who is credited with contributing decisively to the independence of 6 nations? One of those six is named after him.

10. We all know SARS, but what is RAS syndrome? (WOuld it help you answer if I told•you that the S in RAs stands for syndrom itself?)

11. Put funda: Calcination -> Dissolution -> Separation -> Conjunction -> Putrification -> Congelation -> Cibation -> Sublimation -> Exaltation -> Fermentation -> Exaltation -> Multiplication ->Projection. What is this process?

12. identify

13. What is this fictional place called?

14. Which contry’s population curve is the green curve? And why did it dip?

15. What does this signify?

16. This is a name given to a false clue or an unimportant location that can waste precious time in a criminal case by throwing anunsuspecting investigator for a loop. What term do we use for it?

17. There have been many killings in the past. However someone is infamously credited with the distinction of having wiped out a quarter of the world’s population at his time. Who is he?

18. Connect lambhorgini, audi, volkswagen and porsche.

19. What is the Star Trek curse? (Wild guesses may just end up right.) 

20. Who is the creator of these fictional characters? He normally doesn’t write such books.

Answers :
1. Tsunami, following the dec 2004 tsunami that hit south east asia.
2.Our very own doordarshan.
3. It is the ivy league. and Yale is missing
4. Coco cola, hinting that they actually sell a billion cokes every day.
5. Harley davidson. The full throated growl of engines!
6. The song is asathoma sadhgamaya. and the movie? Matrix revolutions!!
7. A. Graham Bell. The H.A.Large lamb is an anagram of his name. He wanted people to accept his articles for their content and not his name.
8. Michael jordan. His hangtime is 0.92 seconds. And the maximum time a person can stay in air and land on his feet is at the maximum 1 second. Gravity is just too strong.
9. Simon Bolivar for Bolivia, peru, colombia, venezuela, Panama and ecuador.
10. RAS syndrome stands for “Redundant Acronym Syndrome syndrome,” and refers to the use of one of the words that make up an initialism or acronym as well as the abbreviation itself, thus in effect repeating that word. It is itself a humorous example of a redundant acronym.

Eg. PIN number
ATM machine
HIV virus
CNN network
DC comics
11. Alchemy. The supposed process to turn metals into gold.
12. The mobile OS android released by google.
13. Bikini bottom where spongebob squarepants lives.
14. It is ireland. And the reason you’d have got if you got ireland right, The irish potato famine.
15.MTV’s first video after it was launched, to commemorate man’s landing ont he moon.
16. A red herring. It features in Agatha christie’s novels.
17. Cain when he killed Abel. because there were only four people alive at that time. :)
18. Lamborghini owned by Audi owned by VW owned by Porsche
19. Only the even numbered movies work. The odd numbered one’s are all duds..
20. Stephen HAwking and Lucy hawking’s “George’s secret key to the universe”.
Well, that’s a few questions from the quiz. NExt week’s quiz will be done by Rajeswari. Anybody who has a set of qquestions ready can also post ‘em up here. No need to wait for a week. 

Great Effort

Great to have a Quiz Circle in Cbe; while the QF has been around for over a couple of decades, the focus was on students with mixed results… somehow parents think Class 10 and Class 12 boards are more important that spending a couple of hours a month at a quiz club.!!!

Let’s keep the momentum going