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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nov 16th Quiz.

Nov 16th 2008, the day our Chief minister decided to turn up at Coimbatore. Ever remember a day when politicians visiting your city meant anything good? Well, I don't.
  • He wasted a lot of power for which we will be victimised for.
  • The head count last week was half the usual count.
  • White-attired men drunk and yelling on the road sides.
However, the quiz went as per schedule. Mr.Senthil Kumar stepped in on short notice, to conduct the quiz on Mr.Anand's absence, and the fact that he did THIS within a day without an internet connection reflects his 34 years worth of quizzing experience. I leave you with the presentation.

CQC quiz nov 16, 2008
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Sheilendra said...

Great Quiz Senthil. Reminds me of the 'old days'. See you all at the next quiz-

SenthilSpeak said...

Hi Sharan,

I did not have Internet but did have lots of books to fall back on and couple of printouts from KQA site. I would like to acknowledge and thank them as a source for many of the questions!

SenthilSpeak said...

Hi Sharan,

I did not have net but did have lots of books and some printouts from KQA quizzes. I would like to acknowledge and thank them.

Uttara said...

hey, it wu be nice, if u give us the answers!

Ranjana said...

Could you please put up the answers to the quiz?

vidyuth said...

not yet, i think it'd be better for those who didn't make it to try to guess a few.

here goes -

(oh btw, the uppuma quiz, brilliant title i swear :) )


pluto platter - no idea
hilaria - one of the solstices?
i hear - audi
mario - donkey kong
barbie question - barbara millicent roberts
funambulist - makes.. fun of stuff? i dunno
the queens hold cards i assume. damn i wish i had a pack of cards right now
erich weiss - no idea
graffiti - graffito
dunno gaspar and mellior

ROUND 2 (what i do know/can guess):

america's first soft drink?
2nd must be some guy who got hit really bad by something coming right at him. no idea who/what though.
pac-man - pizza without a slice
little war - feud?
lapidated - stoned to death (googled it)


river equator - danube?
math problem - fibonacci series
oldest city - damascus
spring, 1918 - coca cola?
sloan kettering - wild guess. some company based in pakistan occupied kashmir.
word - medley, although it generally does not refer to a ├žareless mixture'


connect question - vector
sequel to romancing the stone - something to do with river nile, can't remember the name of the film
arbalest - crossbow?
epitaph - oscar wilde


connect - all december 5th's :P
book next to the bible - harry potter
tuscany - some wine
literary work - one hundred years of solitude?
connect the farm, the top, the hill and the rocks - famous five locations

thank you, and good night.

- vidyuth

anand said...

Hi Senthil,

Great Quiz Senthil. And thanks a lot for the backup at such a short notice.

See you soon.


SenthilSpeak said...

Here are the answers to Nov 16th Quiz

Round #1

1. Frisbee (Platter – Plate – Frisbee)
2. April Fools’ Day
3. Audi
4. Donkey Kong
5. Barbara – Barbie
6. Walks the tightrope
7. Flowers
8. Harry Houdini
9. Graffito
10. Balthazar

Round #2

1. Disco
2. Ronald Reagan, referring to the attempt on his life in 1981.
3. The official match ball of 2002 FIFA World Cup
4. Conventions in the game of contract bridge (This was rather an indulgence)
5. Price of Gold
6. Pizza
7. Guerilla
8. Abracadabra was suggested but that is a coined word and I had “Invisibility” on mind
9. Stoned to death
10. Tequila

Round #3

1. John Lennon
2. River Congo
3. Fibonacci series
4. Damascus
5. Euthanasia (Mercy killing)
6. Billiards and the leather tip for the cue
7. The flu virus
8. Sound of music
9. Nintendo (Pokemon)
10. Hotchpotch

Round #4

1. Robert “Bruce” & “Mad” Anthony “Wayne” – Bruce Wayne – Batman
2. Yuri Gagarin – The chance to be the first man in space
3. Tour de France
4. Brainstorming
5. Vector
6. Jewel of the Nile
7. Los Alamos, Amarillo, Las Vegas
8. The crossbow
9. G. Bernard Shaw
10. The Haley’s comet

Round #5

1. One of the oddest coincidences ever recorded spans a period of nearly 200 years and involved three ships that sank in the Menai Strait of the coast of Wales. The first vessel went down on December 5, 1664, and of its 81 passengers, only one survived. On December 5, 1785, 121 years later, another ship sank in the Menai Strait, and again, all of the passenger perished except one. On December 5, 1860, yet another ship, a small 25 passenger vessel, sank in the Menai Strait. And once again there was only one survivor. That would qualify for great coincidence but what made it the greatest was in each case the survivor’s name was …….. Hugh Williams. (The Book of Lists Irving & Amy Wallace)
2. All of them worked as librarians at some part of their life.
3. Nicholas Copernicus (The Heliocentric Theory)
4. The collected quotations of Mao Tse Tung
5. Chianti – The red wine of the district
6. All are brand names of guitars
7. Pioneer
8. The Decameron - Giovanni Boccaccio
9. This one is a tribute to the kids – All famous five titles
10. They all wrote their bestseller from prison (Glimpses of world history, Mein Kampf, and Pilgrim’s Progress)