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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shiva's turn





This is not an exhaustive list.

2. This is the logo for which product?


3. At school, he formed a stick-ball team called the Nads (providing him and his pals with a chance to shout “Go Nads”). At Yale, he was famous for doing the alligator, a dance that involved falling on the floor and rolling around. At Harvard Business School, he wore cowboy boots and chewed tobacco. Who am I talking about ?

4. Connect.


5.Identify this personality and what is his claim to fame?


6. Identify the product being advertised in the picture.


7. And the final connect is…….




1 comment:

Shiva said...

1. Neil Patrick Harris+Bruce Willis+Julia Roberts

The connect is that they played a role as themselves in a movie.

->Bruce Willis and Julia Roberts played themselves in Oceans 12.

->Neil Patrick Harris played himself in Harold and Kumar movie series.

Other people would be Kamal Haasan(Nala Damayanthi), Singer P.Susheela (Don’t remember the name of the movie though :P )

2.That is the logo for WIKILEAKS. Its a website which releases secret,sensitive documents and also a lot of Gossips :)

3.Almost everyone cracked this one. George W. Bush

4.Serena Williams+Bono

The connect is that their clothing lines are spelled backwards.


Bono-Edun ;)

5.The person is Manoj Desai. He owns the theatre where the movie Dilwale Dunhiya Le Jayenge is running for more than 500 weeks.

6.A picture of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose without glasses should have been sufficient to crack this one. It is an advertisement for Bausch and Lomb Contact Lenses.

7. That is Rita Hayworth who was considered the sex bomb of the 40’s. When the United States tested the first atomic bomb, her picture was stuck on the bomb and then tested. (Sex bomb+Atomic bomb. I don’t understand the irony either :) ). The second picture was the logo of the Manhattan Project.

Hence the connect is the Atom Bomb/Nuclear Bomb :)