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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The third one

1. I was born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr. and was known more for my  trade mark goggles and sky hook shot. Who am I?

2. In which Asterix book did Thompson and Thomson (from Tin Tin) appear?

3. What is it called when a person trades a security while in possession of non-public information?

4. By what term is an economy with moderate growth, low inflation and less unemployment called? (hint: The Three Bears)

5. In business parlance, who or what is a chainsaw consultant?

6. She was employed in TELCO after having written to JRD against gender discrimination in recruitment at TELCO. Excerpts of her last conversation with JRD:

      JRD: “So what are you doing, Mrs Kulkarni?”

      X:         “Sir, I am leaving Telco.”

      JRD: “Where are you going?”

      X:         “Pune, Sir. My husband is starting a company called ________ and I’m  shifting to Pune.”

      Identify the company and X.

7. In Formula I racing, which flag is waved to signify that there is only one more lap to go before the end of the race?

8. Who is the creator of this mascot called ‘Gattu’?


9. Which tagline did Adidas carry during the Cricket World Cup?

10. After this event, Ratan Tata said it was an ‘unbelievable experience and a terrific, terrific ride.’ What is the event he was talking about?

11. How would words such as brunch, Wikipedia, sysop, slithy, chocoholic etc. be termed?


1 comment:

anand said...

The answers are:

1. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
2. Asterix in Belgium
3. Insider Trading
4. Goldilocks economy
5. A consultant hired by the management to principally recommend reduction in employee strength of the organisation so that the management can escape the blame.
6. Infosys, Mrs Sudha Narayanamurthy
7. There is no such flag.
8. R. K. Laxman
9. Impossible is nothing
10. After he flew the F18 Raptor at the Bangalore air show
11. Portmanteau

The answer to the question in my comment was the bat which Aamir Khan used in Lagaan