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Thursday, December 31, 2009


As we come to the end of the year, I am sure that everyone would agree when I say that CQC has seen one of its most wonderful share of quizzes and quizzers over the past year. Just for gigs ( And since I don't party and because of that I am sitting all alone at home and watching hell a lot of movies), I have posted a few questions.

1. Even though the name was coined only in 1983 by Eugene Miya of NASA, the idea is quite old. For example, Matthew Hopkins introduces it as "Certaine Queries answered” in his book The Discovery of Witches in 1647. In the internet era it was developed at the NASA in the early 1980s for the SPACE mailing list. It was a result of several factors – expensive storage, the reluctance of users to check archived messages and laziness felt by the NASA employees to repeat replies. Its use is now not restricted to the internet. What?

2. A map of what?

3. The name Olympic Goal is used to describe a particular type of goal in football. The name is derived from a goal by the Argentine player Cesáreo Onzari against the then Olympic champions Uruguay at Buenos Aires on October 2, 1924. The legality of this type of goal has been questioned. The most famous instance of this was Celtic's 1950's midfielder Charlie Tully whose goal was disallowed by the referee. However he scored again almost immediately and this time the goal was allowed. How is the goal scored?

4. Who was named after this?

5. An easy one. What is the Italian word for “freeze” or “frozen”?

Don't put your answer as comments. Mail them to


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Low on strength :|

Owing to school students having their half yearly exams and most of the regulars caught up with some personal work, the CQC meeting on 13/12/09 saw a meagre crowd. But even that didnt dampen our quizzing spirits, as we went along with the quiz with our usual fun and brilliant(yet incorrect :P ) guesses. The actual QM for the day was supposed to be Ram Mohan who had to leave on account of his internship. So I took the role of the QM, discussing his 30 questions and 1 SVC and me putting together another 20 questions and 1 LVC. Here is the powerpoint for the people who missed it. Lets hope for the usual crowd for the next CQC meet. Cheers!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hello Folks!!!!

Hello quizzers,

The long hiatus in the blog being updated with the quizzes is attributed to many reasons. Laziness, laziness, more laziness, very lazy and absolute levels of laziness to name a few :). After many failed members by the CQC members in trying to get the blog "MODERATORS" (Sharan, Vidyuth and Me) to post up the quiz, the subtle art of "UNDER THE BREATH" cursing was used. After many sessions of torturous mails, life threating SMS-s and road rokos :P, we have finally agreed to meet to the demands. We present to you the quizzes which were conducted over the past couple of months :)

The regular quizzing season will be commencing soon and I assume that the gladiators are sharpening their swords to taste victory. Best of luck to all you people and see you guys at the meetings.

Aravind aka 2-D aka Windy:

Ganja :) :

Sunil :

Sammy :


P.S. I hope my lame excuse was good enough :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Upcoming School Quizzes

As this Blog has been idle for some time no,thought will update on two school quizzes coming up Next week.
1.TCS IT Wiz-The 2009 edition of TCS IT Wiz – tech quiz for schools is slated for November 10 at the Corporation Kalai Arangam in R.S. Puram, Coimbatore.This is the second consecutive year of the quiz in Coimbatore. It is open to students studying from class VIII to XII. While there is no entry fee, only the first 500 registered teams would be allowed to participate in the quiz, states a TCS release.
The company has launched a dedicated site
Last year over 1,100 students took part in the annual TCS IT Wiz in Coimbatore.
The winning team would get laptops and the runners up - cameras and digital photo frames.
The six finalists would also receive an array of prizes from the company ranging from backpack, watches to MP3 players.

2.Science quiz conducted by Our own Prof-Rangarajan on Nov 11th at SBOA School,Coimbatore.
Please contact Prof at 9842084281.
There has been a lull in the quizzing activities in the recent past as far as the Open Quizzing is concerned with all of us turning into Mere Spectators or in some lucky cases the Quiz Masters.
But Senthil and team are working on our delayed CQC Open which should happen in the near future.Just Keeping our Fingers crossed.
Anyway here is to Happy Quizzing to everybody and Good Rains in this part of the World.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Tata Crucible national finals

Vizag Steel emerge victorious at the 6th edition of the 'Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz'
Mr. Sabyasachi Pani and Mr. Santanu Dey of Vizag Steel were awarded the National Champions trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 4 lakhs

Mumbai, October 04, 2009: The grand national finale of India's most challenging business quiz, the Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2009 was held on Sunday, October 04, 2009, at the Crystal Room of the iconic Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Mumbai. In what turned out to be a nail biting finish, the team of Sabyasachi Pani and Santanu Dey from Vizag Steel beat the rest, blitzing ahead with their lightning fast responses and robust reasoning skills. They were crowned the National Champions of the Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2009.

Over the past two months, the 6th edition of the Tata Crucible Business Quiz has seen some exciting contests in the regional rounds held across the country. Nearly 1,400 teams in all participated in the 18 regional rounds for non-Tata corporates and eight regional rounds for Tata companies. The 18 finalists in the external track included technology firms like Sun Microsystems, Google and Yahoo India, media organisations like Mudra Communications and Savoir Faire and manufacturing companies like Bhilai Steel and Vizag Steel among others. The eight internal track finalists included teams from Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Steel, Tata Elxsi and mjunction Services.

The national final round of the Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz saw the 18 regional winners from Ranchi, Patna, Panaji, Cochin, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Indore, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Delhi, Lucknow, Pune, Ahmedabad and Chennai, face-off in two semi-finals. The two semi-finals which were held between nine teams each had several moments of brilliant quizzing demonstrating the super-fast reflexes of the participants. The top four teams from each semi-final progressed to the National Final. The eight finalists were Vizag Steel (regional round winner from Bhubaneshwar), Accenture (regional round winner from New Delhi), Bhilai Steel (regional round winner from Patna), Savior Faire (regional round winner from Panjim), Yahoo India (regional round winner from Bangalore), Vizag Steel (regional round winner from Kolkata), Sun Microsystems (regional round winner from Mumbai) and Chennai Silk (regional round winner from Chennai).

Known for its innovative formats of quizzing in the past years, the Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz was once again presented in a new avatar. The quiz featured five rounds and with each passing round, the increasing degree of difficulty pushed the contestants to think at lightning speed and respond even faster. Interesting questions such as "ISO 4217 describing three letter codes defines what? (Answer: Currency codes e.g. INR, USD); Which current bestseller is associated with Project Solomon Key? (Answer: Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol) were posed to the contestants. Quizmaster Giri Balasubramaniam aka Pickbrain kept the audience glued to their seats, with his innovative and humorous style of quizzing.

The chief guest for the evening, Mr. Kishor Chaukar, Managing Director, Tata Industries Ltd. handed over the coveted Tata Crucible trophy and cash prize of Rs. 4 lakhs to the winning team, along with a host of other attractive prizes. Three teams - Accenture, Savoir Faire and Chennai Silk - were tied for the runner-up position. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Kishor Chaukar said, "It has been very satisfying to see the quality & quantity of response Tata Crucible has been able to elicit over the last few years. The teams have shown an incredible depth of knowledge and a very fascinating and at times amusing flight of imagination while answering the questions. From what I have seen in India and internationally, these teams are a match to the best in the world. Tata Crucible has been a terrific success for all concerned."

In the internal track held for Tata companies, the team comprising Mr. Suresh Kumar and Mr. Aniruddha Dutta from TCS emerged victorious and received the Tata Crucible trophy and cash prize of Rs. 4 lakhs. The runner-up in the internal track was the team from mjunction Services consisting of Mr. Debasish Mukherjee and Mr. Subashish Dey.

Additional prizes to the winners were given from Ascot (the formal men's wear range from Westside), Croma, Ginger, Tata Steel, Titan, Tata Indicom and Tata Housing.

Congratulations to the Tirupur Tughlaqs for having made it that far, and almost going the entire mile. You've made us proud.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Heylo ppl,

There's three quizzes coming up in coimbatore this weekend.

First up is an intercollegiate general quiz at PSG Tech. Teams of two.

Date : 2 october Time : 3 PM

Intercollegiate AudioVisual Quiz at PSG Tech. Teams of two each

Date : 3 October Time : 9 AM

Total prize money > 10K

The Chamber Quiz at Ramakrishna kalyana mandapam. Teams of two.

Date: 3 octover Time: 10 AM

It is humanly possible to go to two out of the three above. See you there. ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2009


And we're back. Again! (This is kinda becoming a catchphrase for almost every post in this blog :P )After a brief hiatus, owing to supreme laziness of a few people and supreme lack-o'-time-ness of a few others. And oh, the absence of a few pen drives with quizzes on them as well.

Here's a list of the quizzes that you can look forward to in the weeks to come.

MCET Quiz -- Mahalingam College of Engineering & Technology,

Pollachi, September 18

Team of two, College students only

Rahulan writes…

We had conducted a School Quiz on "Glorious India" in the month of August (which our own Atula triumphed.... thanx to her for introducing CQC to me)......

Our college is conducting a technical symposium this month on 18th & 19th of "September." The main event is the Master Mind, Inter-college Quiz, held by GYAN, The Quiz Club of MCET.

This time, the quiz is all about Entertainment Industry.... It'll range all the fields including movies, music, comics, computer games, arts, literature, sports.... u name it, we've got it!!

The quiz will have online prelims, but held in our campus, followed by the Final on-stage which will have the top 6 teams prevailing in the prelims.

Both the Preliminary & the Final will happen on 18th September. The prelims will happen in the morning & the final will happen in the evening @ 4PM.

Please convey this message to all the college students of CQC.

It is my personal request that the CQCians should make it & show my college students what hard core quizzing is all about!!

Biz Whiz - PSG CAS Sunday September 20th

Open Quiz Team of two

Registration starts at 11 am.

Resilience Quiz - SRIT

For college students only

Date : 25th of September (Friday)
Venue : SRIT, Pachapalayam, Coimbatore.
Prize Money: I prize Rs. 2000
II prize Rs. 1500
III prize Rs. 1000 (tentative)
Reaching SRIT: 4.5 km from Perur temple. College bus available from all major parts of the city. If not college bus, then own vehicle is preferable.

Krishna College of Technology Quiz – September 26th

Team of two, College students only

Prelims and finals on September 26th.

The Chamber Quiz Sunday October 4th

Open Quiz Team of two

Venue and time to be finalized.

The CMAT Quiz – Date and timings once we receive confirmation.
Our own CQC open on September 27th :)

Quite a handful, innit?

And for those of you who'd like to check out the quizzes from the previous weeks, here are the links.

Sticky's quiz

School quiz (Ashwin's Indian history quiz and Atulaa's Etymology quiz)
Shyam's maiden quiz. (Maiden as in first :P )

Till next time then! Whenever that is.

Shyam turns 1

So now Shyam of Amrita turned quizmaster last week. :) this was what he had to offer.

Some for the school kids.

Apart form the informal quizzes that the old-er people have, every week, there is one school quiz held for the school children who come and attend every week. So here's two of the school quizzes held over the past two meetings. Others will be uploaded, when i get my hand on them. The first one is a quiz on Etymology by Atulaa, a quiz which ended being a tad too high brow for them kids. The second one is a quiz on Indian history by Ashwin Murali

Sticky's quiz

Aditya Sriram Sankaran's quiz from 4 weeks back, is now available to you all, much to the delight of Aditya Sriram Sankaran. Bugger wanted to put Aditya Sriram sankaran on his ppt, but later thought otherwise. Smart boy, this Aditya Sriram Sankaran. ;)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tata Crucible Coimbatore 2009

Dear Fellow Quizzers,
The 2nd Edition of Tata Crucible Coimbatore edition was held yesterday at GD hall,Avinashi road,coimbatore on 26th Aug with about 50 odd teams taking part .This was a significant increase in the number of teams from the last edition held here but as the size of the hall was larger this time,the increase in teams was not so evident.
The prelims started sharply at 4.30 P.M with 20 questions and from this the top 6 teams went on stage.
The teams are
1.Swadisht Foods-Nataraj and Vishal
2.TIME,Pallakad-Rajeswari and Partner
3.KPMG,Bangalore/Chennai(Dont know from which city but defintely not from coimbatore)
4.Bhansali and Associates,Sheilen and Priya Bhansali(Defending 2nd Place champions and created history the last year by becoming the first Husband /Wife team to win a prize at Tata Crucible.
5.The Chennai Silks-aka Tirupur Tughlaqs- Arul Saravanan(Ashok) and Yogesh Pai
6.Axis bank-Coimbatore
Mention also was made of the Mico Bosch team of Ranjana and Partner who just narrowly missed out and another team which I didnt get.
The finals promptly started at 5.30 with 5 rounds and in this 3 rounds on buzzer.Some very interesting cracks by KPMG,Bhansali's ,TCS and Swadisht foods but in the end there was a very tight finish to the top two between TCS and Bhanasali's and eventually TCS came first with a lead of a mere 5 points .Bhansali's again came in second for the second time running and with Giri encouraging them to bag the 1st place the next time ,here is wishing the couple all th best for the endeavour.
The Chennai Silks team came in first with some good cracks for Donald Trump and Heinz.Note also to be made of Swadisht foods for their outstanding crack on Wrigley's in the final.
All in all a very engrossing quiz but a tad short because before you realise it the quiz is in the last round and zap it's finished.But Nice goodies to take home with a big fat cheque and of course
as usual the Winner Buys Dinner forum after the event led to a nice Dinner at Residency with a great crowd and ofcourse celeberation CQC's Mascot Arjun's Birthday.
mention also to be made that out of 6 teams on stage ,3 teams were from CQC and one team partly from CQC but she has moved onto Pallakad.
On the Personal front,This week is turning out to be quite good for us,coming in 3rd at Brahma at the last buzzer and winning the Tata Crucible and hopefully this should end on a higher note as we have a another quiz coming up at BIT,Sathy and Yogesh taking part there.

Well here are the questions from the prelims,sorry if the questions are incomplete as we had tear that sheet inbetween the quiz as it was not bringing us any luck.But after that it did defintely bring us lots of them .Cheers.

1.Which brand of Bosch ,started with the name that menas or is "Ideal".Clue given by Giri was that it makes a Lot of Noise?--BLAUPUNKT

2.Line of luggage which Shahid Kapoor endorses or appears in?-VIP

3.Name of which Cookie Brand is also a slang for a Black who acts or thinks like a White because of its black exterior and becomes white as you go inside?-OREO

4.What resulted in 1937 after Lt.John MacCready had returned from a Balloon flying adventure and the sun had done permanent damage to his eyes?RAY_BAN

5.Which Brand of Nestle has been discontinued in India from 2009?-MILO

6.Which product/brand started by Mr.Mahesh Gupta does Hema Malini endorse?-KENT

7.Which Institution has started "Mera World",a leisure and entertainment retail brand in India?-RPG

8.Question about WAL-MART about its three type of customers?

9.PIc of Ms.Indra Nooyi.

10.Pic of Bharat Matrimony Ad.

11.What term was given by Lou Montalli in 1994 of Netscape communications which is also a food items?-COOKIES

12.Which IT Giant had its roots in Coimbatore?-Shiv Nadar,HCL

13.What is the name of the mascot of McDonalds?--Ronald McDonald

14.A list of 5-6 Perfumes or fragrance names were given JAVA,AFRICA,ALASKA,NEVADA etc.To identify which brand?-AXE

15.Which producer of Household Appliances earlier called as Qingdao Refrigerators had also its MD smash 76 Faulty refrigerators by the Employees?-HAIER

16.Which brand of clocks was started by O.R.Patel etc etc?-AJANTA

17.Which Financial Institutions Innovative HR Initiative is called CLUB 2020 etc etc?CANARA Bank


19.CONNEXIONS slide was shown and asked to identify which company owns this?

20.Something about the name of a liquor brand which is derived from the taster choosing the liqour from a 100 Caskets?-VAT 69.

Sorry for the incomplete questions as this is all from memory and i had to rebuild the questions from the answers.Finals questions have to do it another day if time does permit.

Thanks to everybody at CQC for the support and Keep Quizzing and please do pray fo us at the National Finals

Mucho Gracias
Arul Saravanan(Ashok)


Even though its been quite a while since any quiz or questions have been put up on the blog, our members are still being as sharp as a Samurai Sword. This was proved in the recent quizzes, namely Brahma Open Quiz and Tata Crucible Corporate Edition. The teams from CQC seem to dominate almost all the quizzes. This just shows the interest which we have sparked in quizzing inside the city. But lets not get too comfy with this. We just completed half of the puzzle. The entire campaign ends only when we win the "BIG" guns like the landmark quiz, etc, etc. But surely the recent events would be as a warning bells to the other quizzing clubs :) . Kudos to the winners and better luck next time to all the other participants.

Brahma Open Quiz:

Of the six teams on stage, five were from CQC. The team of Senthil and Sheilen came 2nd and the "Tirupur Thuglaqs" came third. The other teams were Sharanyan and Shrihari and Shivram and Arjun. In the school quiz Atulaa and team won the quiz. Aditya and team from CQC were present on stage.

TATA Crucible Corporate Edition:

The "MEGA" quiz for the corporates which was held on the 26th of August turned out to be a nail biter. The "Tirupur Thuglaqs" team of Ashok and Yogesh Pai won the quiz followed by the "Bhansalis" with the winners getting Rs.75ooo and the runners getting Rs.30000.

This is indeed a proud day for CQC and lets hope to continue the same streak in all of the upcoming quizzes. Happy Quizzing :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Open Quiz

There's going to be an Open quiz at Bannariamman Institute of Technology, Sathy (BITS) this sunday, the 30th of august. Lots of cash and holiday packages are up for grabs for the winners. The quiz will begin at 10:00 AM. So make sure you're there before that, in teams of two.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brahma 2009 Update

Venue : CIT auditorium
Date : 23rd August

Open Quiz:

I place : Rs. 8000
II place : Rs. 6000
III place : Rs. 5000

School quiz:
I place : Rs. 2500
II place : Rs. 2000
III place : Rs. 1500

Registration starts by 11 AM on 23rd August.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Brahma '09

The Quiz Club of CIT will be conducting the fourth edition of its annual quiz, BRAHMA on the 23rd of August, 2009.


Brahma'09 will be an Open Quiz. There will be a separate final for the school students. The preliminary round will be common to all participants.

A team can consist of a maximum of two participants.

Venue: CIT Auditorium

Details regarding prize money and registration will be put up over the next fortnight.

For more details, contact:

Chandrashekar Anand

Srivatsan. V

Uttara. M.A

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tata Crucible Corporate 2009-Coimbatore

With the final schedules released yesterday,the Coimbatore edition of the Tata Crucible Corporate Business Quiz is slated for August 26,Wednesday at the GD Auditorium between 4.30 P.M to 8.30 P.M.
Hence gear up your business quizzing shoes and get ready for one of India's biggest prize money quizzing events.With first prize at Rs.75,000 per team,expect tough competition and also Tata has made it compulsory that teams from that city and surrondings only are elgible.
To clarify on this point or any other doubts get in touch with Mr.Kashi at 9345706911.

Monday, July 20, 2009

And we're back!

This drought had to end, didn't it? :)

Unfortunately, I've been quite busy over the past few weeks, not attending the last two meetings even, and in the process missing out on two awesome quizzes(so i heard). So here's one of them, by one of coimbatore's own, Natarajan a.k.a nutty. (I solemnly request (!) the other blog moderators to put up the other quizzes as I don't have them with me).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting down to BUSINESS!!!

The Coimbatore Quiz Circle witnessed its first ever business informal quiz on the 7th June. The quiz was conducted by Vishal, a diploma graduate in International business who did a wonderful job in kindling our brains and as always we witnessed loads of innovative guesses from the quizzers. Here is the presentation. Enjoy!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today's ten

  • A sitter. In Cricket, when do you say that a batsman is ‘clean’ bowled?
  • X was born on 16th July, 1968, at Khadki in Maharashtra. X currently lives in Powai. X took to his field after watching Mohammad Shahid, a legend in his field. X joined his brother Ramesh in the mid eighties and played in the Mumbai League. He then moved over to Mahindra & Mahindra. He then made his presence felt globally in his field and began to shine in the National and International arenas. His crowning moment came in 1998 and 2003. He was bestowed with the highest honour in his field in 2000. Today X is considered a legend in his field. His biography is titled “Forgive me Amma”. Identify X. (Once you identify the field, the whole question becomes a sitter).
  • Identify the sport being played.
  • X is a very significant place in Modern India. There is a significant mention of X through a story in Indian Mythology. Also X has a prominent place in Medieval Indian History. Legend has it that during 10th century AD, a king in pursuit of a parrot during hunting stumbled upon the figure mentioned in Indian Mythology and he built a city around that figure. Hence X came into existence. X had withstood many conquests from Muslim invaders during the 12th and 13th centuries. Identify X. (Hint: Our National animal was featured in that King’s flag)
  • Which company/organization is the largest consumer of silver in the world? (Courtesy: Saarang Business Quiz)
  • Connect Asterix and Sholay.
  • X is probably the biggest fan of Y. Though X comes from a family of filmstars, X had stated in an interview that it was the idea of acting with Y that made him/her enter films. X never accepts money for acting in a film with Y but instead gifts the director for giving him/her a chance to act with Y. X has seen Y’s film Z more than 150 times. Identify X, Y and Z.
  • Identify this Gentleman.

  • Which Indian brand’s retail chain is called “In & Out”?
  • The four Yugas according to Hindu Mythology (until now) are X Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga and Kali Yuga. What is X?
Ashwin Murali's mix of sports, mythology and mostly India. Haffun cracking these!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is there a doctor in the house?

This week saw a medical informal quiz being hosted by Dr.Venkatesh Babu. I heard it was rather fun, with a lot of extra info provided by the Doc. Nataraj, aka nutty, also "graced" the occasion with his presence. :P


Answers for the previous quiz

1. They almost got the connect right. They were all double internationals. Apart from MJ Gopalan, the other two men are Rudi van Vuren (who played Rugby and Cricket for Namibia) and Asif Karim (who played Tennis and Cricket for Kenya).
2. Montenegro
3. Andy Roddick and Younes El Ayanoui are the two men in the photographs. They played the longest ever fifth setter in a Grand Slam. This was in the semifinal of the 2003 Australian Open. Roddick won the match 4–6, 7–6, 4–6, 6–4, 21–19.
4. Allah, America and the Army.
5. The answer I had in mind was BNP Paribas.
6. Qaid-e-Azam
7. 6 fours in an over in a test match.
8. They were all Jews
9. Protagonists of Sidney Sheldon novels. (perhaps Jude Stevens was an exception)
10. Their deaths were captured on camera
11. Heads of countries with rupee as currency
12. SJ Suryaah, Vaali, Kushi, New, Anbe Aaruyire
13. Aston Villa
14. Edelweiss
15. Maratha Warriors.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Long Time No See

Hey everyone! It's been a while, hasn't it? A while is an understaement I should say. "Quite a while" would be precise. So here is a set of questions from Chandrasekar of CIT, with more of sports in it. As usual leave your comments.

Answers for the prev quiz

1.Opeth (The name of the city was Opet)

2.Che Guevara's photograph which was nominated as the "Best photograph in the world"

3.Subramaniapuram and the song was Theneeril Snehidham

4.Ball boys/Ball girls in tennis

5.Jackie Chan (Quite obvious!!!)

6.Bruce Willis :-)

7.Refer Senthil's comment for the entire perfect answer

8.22 yards of the Cricket Pitch

9.X- Krishnan
Y- Sivaji Ganesan
Z- Krishna Sweets Mysurpa

10.Bosskey. One of the duo in Ari-Giri Assembly.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Silver Jubilee!!!

Here is a small quiz commemorating the 25th post of the CQC blog. Please avoid googling as it gives you the answers right away. And lets hope this trend continues making CQC an even bigger success than it already is :)

1.The band's name was derived from the word X taken from the Wilbur Smith novel Sunbird. In this novel, X is the name of a city of the moon. Name the band. (Not workable but included it as I wanted a tribute question :) )

2.What is the contribution of Alberto Korda aka Alberto Diaz Gutierrez's contribution to the world? His contribution is used even on currencies in his native country. (The country would give it away)

3.This is the first time a Tamil movie is having a promotional song i.e A song which does not feature in the movie but has been released to media. Which movie? (Clue if it helps, The song was sung by Benny Dayal)

4.X were generally supplied by Goldings which was a very famous Barnados school. Some duties of X include rolling and feeding. A roll may seem like something simple at first, but the rolls must be flat, straight & fast. Identify X.

5.X has never acted as a villain and has never used the "F" word in his movies. At the age of 17, X worked as a stuntman in the Bruce Lee films Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon under the stage name Chen Yuen Long. (Sitter!!! But a very famous photo!!!)

6. Identify the personality.

7. The only one connect in this quiz :P (Sharan!! You already know the answer and so you are not allowed to attempt this question)

8. Gunter's Chain is a measuring device used for accurate land survey by triangulation. It consists of a chain formed of 100 long wire links, with brass tags along the chain for intermediate
measurement. One of its lasting legacies is as a very well-known length. Of what?

9. X was a very famous personalty. His friend Y is also a very famous personality. Once when X went to Y's house, Y offered X something to eat. What Y offered was something very very well know to X. Y then casually asked X "How is the Z?". Y answered that it was very good and that it was even better than his product. X smiles and tells him that what he gave him was infact his own product but the only difference was that he had heated it in a microwave oven and given it. This idea was used by X to increase the popularity of Z. What is X,Y and Z? (The question might be confusing but the answer is a total sitter!!!)

10. I debuted for Madras University under the captaincy of Krishnamachari Srikanth. I have rubbed shoulders with Mohammad Azharuddin and Ravi Shastri. I am a leg spinner. But suddenly i totally lost my action and I stopped playing the game altogther. Now I am known in Tamil Nadu as a full fletched comedian. Who am I?

P.S again- Googling takes all the fun :P

Monday, March 9, 2009

Last week's session conducted by Ashok Sir at PSG IM. Will be remembered for the mauling of CQC by the hordes of school kids from Vasavi Vidyalaya, all appearing in their uniforms no less!

Cqc Meet8.3
View more presentations from sharanyan. (tags: cqc)


The journey begins. First session of CQC, conducted at Cha Bar. :)

Cqc 1st Session
View more presentations from sharanyan. (tags: cqc)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Googling spoils everything :)

1. Walter Botts was a drummer boy at age 10 who later attained international fame and was immortalized by the artist James Montgomery Flagg. Who? 

2. Which sports personality was named by his/her parents after a Japanese steak they saw on a restaurant menu?

3. Identify the famous personality who is posing as King Arthur.

4. X was a hard hitting middle order batsman during his playing days. He has a record of scoring six boundaries in one over. He accomplished this feat in a Bob Willis over in a 1982 test match against England. He has also acted in a Hindi film by the name “Kabhi Ajnabi”. Who is he?

5. Reportedly its, a hyena's yell played in reverse, a camel bleat, a soprano belting out a high C, and a man yelling. What am I talking about?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Long time no see

This is from when we started. Govind sir's quiz, the second quiz that the CQC saw, back from when we were at oxford. Brilliant stuff. :)

For the most of you weren't there at that time.

CQC quiz #2
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P.s : A few pics/movies arew missing due to size constraints.

Friday, February 6, 2009

For Old Times' Sake

From our seasoned quizzer, Mr.Senthil :)

"Hello Gang,

 Here are a set of questions to break the monotony while we wait for another meeting!

 Guys who were part of “Winner buys Dinner” night would know the answers to three of the questions below, for others I hope it is a challenge.

 For guys and girls who have difficulty with Tamil, “Go get a translator or yield.”"


1. Funda?


3.The Namboodiris of Kerala followed an ancient but cruel practice called “Prashtu” or “Brashtu.”  Curiously, long after this practice became redundant in Kerala, it was the cause of shaping the history of Tamil Nadu. How?

4. Connect

5. Connect Gundu Rao, Southern Railway, Dharapuram, and a water bubble.

6. Connect

7. Connect again. :)


Guess away people!

Friday, January 30, 2009

A few interesting ones from Selva.

1.They began to appear in quantities in the 1860s. "I hate those redbreasts", cried "Punch" in 1869. In 1877 "The Times" magazine declared them a great social evil, and it was following difficulties with them in 1879 that the London Post Office in 1880 cried out "Post Early". What are we talking about?


  1. In the old theatres a mixture of CaCO3 and Phosphorous was used to produce effects on stage. Which phrase originates from this?


  1. In 1932, Japan planned to kill 2 Americans with a view of provoking them to              war. One was Joseph Curran, the American Ambassador. Who Was the other?



  1. ‘He who paints the sky Green and the grass blue must be sterilised’. Who on whom?


5.      This book originally came out with the adline “ A full vacations’ reading for   $3” but didn’t sell because $3 was considered too expensive for it. Then it became a   best seller with its alternative adline. Book or new adline?


6.      What is the claim to fame of Marcel Marceaus’ utterance ‘Non’ In the history of cinema?

Also check this out.

Kriya Open Quiz '09

People! The Association Of Serious Quizzers(ASQ) From PSG College Of technology welcome you all to the Kriya Open Quiz '09.  Thsi time round the ASQ will host the quiz.

Visit this for details. Spread the word around. 

For details contact the numbers on the poster or those on the site or me  at 98940 80404

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A long time coming

Try these on for size. (Questions by Vidyuth)

1. X was originally called “Jasper” in the very first animated short. Y had no name, though the animators decided to give him the nickname “Jinx”. Identify X and Y.

2.I’m looking for an exact term to describe this. What term?

3. Who is this relatively well known personality, and what is the significance of this picture?

4. And now it is time for a connect. (Exhaustive list, mind you)

5.  In West Africa persons  were made to pass a bird's egg to one another. The one who broke it was the culprit. In ancient China they were made to  hold a handful of rice in his or her mouth during a prosecutor's speech. The one whose rice was dry at the end was considered the culprit. These customs were the predecessors of what that is being used nowadays? And why, if possible?