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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tata Crucible Coimbatore 2009

Dear Fellow Quizzers,
The 2nd Edition of Tata Crucible Coimbatore edition was held yesterday at GD hall,Avinashi road,coimbatore on 26th Aug with about 50 odd teams taking part .This was a significant increase in the number of teams from the last edition held here but as the size of the hall was larger this time,the increase in teams was not so evident.
The prelims started sharply at 4.30 P.M with 20 questions and from this the top 6 teams went on stage.
The teams are
1.Swadisht Foods-Nataraj and Vishal
2.TIME,Pallakad-Rajeswari and Partner
3.KPMG,Bangalore/Chennai(Dont know from which city but defintely not from coimbatore)
4.Bhansali and Associates,Sheilen and Priya Bhansali(Defending 2nd Place champions and created history the last year by becoming the first Husband /Wife team to win a prize at Tata Crucible.
5.The Chennai Silks-aka Tirupur Tughlaqs- Arul Saravanan(Ashok) and Yogesh Pai
6.Axis bank-Coimbatore
Mention also was made of the Mico Bosch team of Ranjana and Partner who just narrowly missed out and another team which I didnt get.
The finals promptly started at 5.30 with 5 rounds and in this 3 rounds on buzzer.Some very interesting cracks by KPMG,Bhansali's ,TCS and Swadisht foods but in the end there was a very tight finish to the top two between TCS and Bhanasali's and eventually TCS came first with a lead of a mere 5 points .Bhansali's again came in second for the second time running and with Giri encouraging them to bag the 1st place the next time ,here is wishing the couple all th best for the endeavour.
The Chennai Silks team came in first with some good cracks for Donald Trump and Heinz.Note also to be made of Swadisht foods for their outstanding crack on Wrigley's in the final.
All in all a very engrossing quiz but a tad short because before you realise it the quiz is in the last round and zap it's finished.But Nice goodies to take home with a big fat cheque and of course
as usual the Winner Buys Dinner forum after the event led to a nice Dinner at Residency with a great crowd and ofcourse celeberation CQC's Mascot Arjun's Birthday.
mention also to be made that out of 6 teams on stage ,3 teams were from CQC and one team partly from CQC but she has moved onto Pallakad.
On the Personal front,This week is turning out to be quite good for us,coming in 3rd at Brahma at the last buzzer and winning the Tata Crucible and hopefully this should end on a higher note as we have a another quiz coming up at BIT,Sathy and Yogesh taking part there.

Well here are the questions from the prelims,sorry if the questions are incomplete as we had tear that sheet inbetween the quiz as it was not bringing us any luck.But after that it did defintely bring us lots of them .Cheers.

1.Which brand of Bosch ,started with the name that menas or is "Ideal".Clue given by Giri was that it makes a Lot of Noise?--BLAUPUNKT

2.Line of luggage which Shahid Kapoor endorses or appears in?-VIP

3.Name of which Cookie Brand is also a slang for a Black who acts or thinks like a White because of its black exterior and becomes white as you go inside?-OREO

4.What resulted in 1937 after Lt.John MacCready had returned from a Balloon flying adventure and the sun had done permanent damage to his eyes?RAY_BAN

5.Which Brand of Nestle has been discontinued in India from 2009?-MILO

6.Which product/brand started by Mr.Mahesh Gupta does Hema Malini endorse?-KENT

7.Which Institution has started "Mera World",a leisure and entertainment retail brand in India?-RPG

8.Question about WAL-MART about its three type of customers?

9.PIc of Ms.Indra Nooyi.

10.Pic of Bharat Matrimony Ad.

11.What term was given by Lou Montalli in 1994 of Netscape communications which is also a food items?-COOKIES

12.Which IT Giant had its roots in Coimbatore?-Shiv Nadar,HCL

13.What is the name of the mascot of McDonalds?--Ronald McDonald

14.A list of 5-6 Perfumes or fragrance names were given JAVA,AFRICA,ALASKA,NEVADA etc.To identify which brand?-AXE

15.Which producer of Household Appliances earlier called as Qingdao Refrigerators had also its MD smash 76 Faulty refrigerators by the Employees?-HAIER

16.Which brand of clocks was started by O.R.Patel etc etc?-AJANTA

17.Which Financial Institutions Innovative HR Initiative is called CLUB 2020 etc etc?CANARA Bank


19.CONNEXIONS slide was shown and asked to identify which company owns this?

20.Something about the name of a liquor brand which is derived from the taster choosing the liqour from a 100 Caskets?-VAT 69.

Sorry for the incomplete questions as this is all from memory and i had to rebuild the questions from the answers.Finals questions have to do it another day if time does permit.

Thanks to everybody at CQC for the support and Keep Quizzing and please do pray fo us at the National Finals

Mucho Gracias
Arul Saravanan(Ashok)


Anonymous said...

Sharp memory, great work

Thanks for posting the questions. Wondering whether or not CNBC telecast will happen this year.


Raji said...

I miss the CQC meetings and would definitely attend them if I didnot have to take 4 classes on Sundays :(.I'm missing all the big quizzes too cos of this :( :(.

Anonymous said...

The other team which came 7th and narrowly missed being on the stage was from A G Resources, represented by Balaguru and Saravana Kumar (me, of course!)
Thanks a lot.

straight from the heart said...

congratulations ! looking forward to meeting the group in bannariamman.and please put up the brahma results too.cqc people did an amazing job there too!

radhakrishnan said...

Congrats on winning the Coimbatore round. This was my first time participating in any Quiz in Coimbatore and I had a great time. My one grouse is that you guys didn't let me win a gift hamper!! I had told the answer for Donald Trump's connection in Giri's ears, but soon you guys pressed the buzzer and guessed it... :-)

Saurabh Aggarwal said...


What was the cut off for the prelims?


RV said...

well done man and thanks for the questions

Anonymous said...

thx a lot for the questions.

Even if they were incomplete, the job is great.

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks,but the Hyderabad team is too good for you.......

Arul said...

Thanks for all the comments.
@Raji..keep attending CQC meets maan,it will defintely keep you in touch,paaru yaeppadee Nats oru state level quizzer aayaetan.
@Radhakrishnan..thanks for the comments and went thru ur blog also,very interesting one.Also we have a common persn we know..Arun from tirupur-be very very careful of him,extra careful.
@anonymus-Hyd or any team,it is not winning at the end of the day but just being on stage,so go drown in ur sorrows maan.
@saurabh--cut off was around 12-13/20.thanks for yur blog also man.

SenthilSpeak said...


With Giri's quizzing style, it is not what you know that what you do with what you know that counts. There is always a fair chance to work out the answer and that is what Yo and Ashok did well on stage.

For two guys who dont consider bizquiz as their strength, it was a great performance, so Hyderabad or Ahmedabad who cares dude? one who laughs last laughs best!

Balaguru said...

The other team which came 7th and narrowly missed being on the stage was from A G Resources, represented by Balaguru and Saravana Kumar (me, of course!)
Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...


just signed up and wanted to say hello while I read through the posts

hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.