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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Even though its been quite a while since any quiz or questions have been put up on the blog, our members are still being as sharp as a Samurai Sword. This was proved in the recent quizzes, namely Brahma Open Quiz and Tata Crucible Corporate Edition. The teams from CQC seem to dominate almost all the quizzes. This just shows the interest which we have sparked in quizzing inside the city. But lets not get too comfy with this. We just completed half of the puzzle. The entire campaign ends only when we win the "BIG" guns like the landmark quiz, etc, etc. But surely the recent events would be as a warning bells to the other quizzing clubs :) . Kudos to the winners and better luck next time to all the other participants.

Brahma Open Quiz:

Of the six teams on stage, five were from CQC. The team of Senthil and Sheilen came 2nd and the "Tirupur Thuglaqs" came third. The other teams were Sharanyan and Shrihari and Shivram and Arjun. In the school quiz Atulaa and team won the quiz. Aditya and team from CQC were present on stage.

TATA Crucible Corporate Edition:

The "MEGA" quiz for the corporates which was held on the 26th of August turned out to be a nail biter. The "Tirupur Thuglaqs" team of Ashok and Yogesh Pai won the quiz followed by the "Bhansalis" with the winners getting Rs.75ooo and the runners getting Rs.30000.

This is indeed a proud day for CQC and lets hope to continue the same streak in all of the upcoming quizzes. Happy Quizzing :)

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Arul said...

Just to add that the School Team that came Second in the Brahma open was Arjun Murali and team who again is a CQC member and a regular one at that..