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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ashwin's "Slightly pop-culture" quiz

Today came the turn of Ashwin of Brookefields Mall to do an informals. Better turnout than last time, definitely. But a crowd is still lacking. Please show more support and attend more meetings, everyone.

Here's the link to the ppt, for those who missed it (for some reason Slideshare is not allowing me to embed):

PS: The CQC is celebrating its third anniversary this year, and we are planning to conduct an anniversary quiz. Tentative date would be October 16th. Block the date on your calendar.

Reminder: Biz Trac 2011 is next week (25/09/11), at PSGCAS Auditorium. Refer the previous post in the blog for more details.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Biz Trac 2011 (copy and paste the link onto your browser to view the poster)

The business quiz is back with bigger and better prizes.

Venue: PSG College of Arts and Sciences
Date: 25/09/11 (Sunday)
Registration - 11.30 AM
Prelims - 2.15 PM
Finals - 4.00 PM
Quizmaster: Prof. M. Rangarajan
2 per team.
Open to all.

Total prize money of Rs. 35000 up for grabs, along with gifts.

Special prizes for:
Best school team
Best girls team
Best faculty team
Best family team

Be there!

Informal, 18/09/11

Starting now, the blog will post details about forthcoming CQC meetings as well.

Date: 18/09/11 (Sunday)
Time:  3.30 PM
Quizmaster: Ashwin Balasubramaniam, Brookefields Mall
Venue: Regular classroom, PSGIM

There will be a school quiz and a beginner's quiz as well.

People, once you're done with the quiz, please mail them to me (
Please do contribute questions to put up on the blog as well.

For further details about the informal, contact Anjan at +919791803837.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jaago CQC, Jaago.

Today the CQC witnessed an unprecedented rush of people for the Lone Wolf quiz, it was quite amazing, there was barely enough space to fit everyone into the hall!


40 copies of the question paper of the Lone Wolf quiz conducted by BITS, Pilani were taken, thinking there'd be a minimum of 30 in attendance. Surprise, surprise. There were only 6 people in the hall who turned up, 4 of whom were college students, 2 in the open category, out of which 1 was the organizer and participated non-comp.
Terrible showing. The last two weeks have been evidence of it. The numbers have just been dwindling, and it's highly disheartening. An appeal to all members: Please do attend more CQC sessions in the future. Otherwise, what is the point? Reasons may be dime a dozen, but at least try coming for events such as this.

You can all expect a thittu mail from Senthil sometime in the near future.

Anyway, results of today's quiz:

Open winner: Ashwin, Brookefields Mall.
College winner: Vidyuth, PSG Tech.

On another note, the CQC blog has hit 25,000 page views. Woohoo :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some Random Quiz.

Last Sunday, CQC witnessed a very Dwarkesh Bagri aka Choco Cake Bakery aka Dwageshwar Pandian aka Poota Case quiz. Here are the ppt's for those who missed them. Enjoy!

PS: To those who expected Sticky's quiz to be put up, apologies. it seems to have gotten lost.