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Friday, January 30, 2009

A few interesting ones from Selva.

1.They began to appear in quantities in the 1860s. "I hate those redbreasts", cried "Punch" in 1869. In 1877 "The Times" magazine declared them a great social evil, and it was following difficulties with them in 1879 that the London Post Office in 1880 cried out "Post Early". What are we talking about?


  1. In the old theatres a mixture of CaCO3 and Phosphorous was used to produce effects on stage. Which phrase originates from this?


  1. In 1932, Japan planned to kill 2 Americans with a view of provoking them to              war. One was Joseph Curran, the American Ambassador. Who Was the other?



  1. ‘He who paints the sky Green and the grass blue must be sterilised’. Who on whom?


5.      This book originally came out with the adline “ A full vacations’ reading for   $3” but didn’t sell because $3 was considered too expensive for it. Then it became a   best seller with its alternative adline. Book or new adline?


6.      What is the claim to fame of Marcel Marceaus’ utterance ‘Non’ In the history of cinema?

Also check this out.

Kriya Open Quiz '09

People! The Association Of Serious Quizzers(ASQ) From PSG College Of technology welcome you all to the Kriya Open Quiz '09.  Thsi time round the ASQ will host the quiz.

Visit this for details. Spread the word around. 

For details contact the numbers on the poster or those on the site or me  at 98940 80404

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A long time coming

Try these on for size. (Questions by Vidyuth)

1. X was originally called “Jasper” in the very first animated short. Y had no name, though the animators decided to give him the nickname “Jinx”. Identify X and Y.

2.I’m looking for an exact term to describe this. What term?

3. Who is this relatively well known personality, and what is the significance of this picture?

4. And now it is time for a connect. (Exhaustive list, mind you)

5.  In West Africa persons  were made to pass a bird's egg to one another. The one who broke it was the culprit. In ancient China they were made to  hold a handful of rice in his or her mouth during a prosecutor's speech. The one whose rice was dry at the end was considered the culprit. These customs were the predecessors of what that is being used nowadays? And why, if possible?