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Saturday, January 10, 2009

A long time coming

Try these on for size. (Questions by Vidyuth)

1. X was originally called “Jasper” in the very first animated short. Y had no name, though the animators decided to give him the nickname “Jinx”. Identify X and Y.

2.I’m looking for an exact term to describe this. What term?

3. Who is this relatively well known personality, and what is the significance of this picture?

4. And now it is time for a connect. (Exhaustive list, mind you)

5.  In West Africa persons  were made to pass a bird's egg to one another. The one who broke it was the culprit. In ancient China they were made to  hold a handful of rice in his or her mouth during a prosecutor's speech. The one whose rice was dry at the end was considered the culprit. These customs were the predecessors of what that is being used nowadays? And why, if possible?


Darth Nazgul said...

1. cud it be Casper??
2. ___
3. Tom's fat owner..first time showing her face
4. anything to do with the katana??
5. the lie detector??

Darth Nazgul said...

4. Hey,are we talking of movies in which the director himself has made an appearance?? Miller has in sin city, and i'm sure Tarantino must've in Kill Bill..

Ashmur said...

1. Tom and Jerry (not sure)
2. Rosa Parks or Ann Nixon Cooper?
4. Is November 5th the connect?

Shiva said...

1.Tom and Jerry
3.This is the lady who is the mistress of Tom and this is the first time her face was ever shown
4.Revenge :P

selva said...

1. no idea da..
2. some battle in history??!!
3. wel whomever she maybe she dare not be runin in d middle of d streets[:D]..
4. i dunno bout sin city but i guess maybe d films had heroes/heroines coming from the dead..!!
5. lie detector i think....coz the the culprit maybe nervous enuf 2 break an egg while passing or dry his/her mouth wen they guess he/she is caught!!

crazycandystripe said...

1) tom and jerry
2) ok i recognize steve jobs, larry page & sergey brin and bill gates, i'm guessing the other guy is michael dell or david filo? :-/
3)vidyuth told me the answer to this, GOOD one.
4) no idea.
5) the lie detector test?

Ryan.A.Nash said...


1. Tom and jerry, yea.
2. Browser wars. i.e Chrome vs firefox vs opera vs IE vs netscape
3. Mammy Two shoes, Tom's owner.
4. Revenge (Shiva I told you earlier itself. so doesn't count.)Revenge drives them ain character in all movies.
5. The lie detector and Selva's reason is right.

Keep guessing ppl. :)

Quakeboy said...

This blog rox !
You won a place in my google reader..

Keep up the good work guys.. Adding it to my blogroll too !