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Monday, December 29, 2008

The 8th session

On 28/12/08, after holidays and exams and what not, the eighth session of the Coimbatore Quiz circle was held, finally. The quizmaster for the day was L.Shivram (I refrain from the use of a Mr. here :O) of GCT, a professional snooker player and a movie buff. It was well attended with around 50+ people being present, split into six teams of 8-10 each. The "best answer of the day" award went to Mr.senthil for his "First man to be given out handling th eball" for the Gazza question ;)

The quiz, as always, for you not so fortunate ones. :P

CQC Informal quiz 28/12/08
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A quiz for school children is also held in a bid to give them a springboard for the future.(?)

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