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Monday, December 8, 2008

ten questions or less.

A few questions by Mr.Selva surendiran, right now in his first year of college. A mixed bunch I should say! As always, answers will be posted after a week.

1. The company was Lutsuko and later changed into something that means “ to lose        money “ Which company are we talking about?


2. What is the name of the FM channel introduced by India Today?[In June 26,2002]


3. “I knew a trade name must be short, vigorous, incapable of being misspelled to an extent that will destroy its identity, and in order to satisfy the trademark laws, it must mean nothing”. Who said this and name the brand?

4. What contribution did a vague movie by name ‘Rooplekha’ make to Indian cinema?

5. The word ‘stadium’ comes from ‘stade’ a unit of distance. What distance was the unit equal to?

6. In medieval times, in Europe, 1/3 of taxes went to the King, 1/3 to the nobility and 1/3 to the common man. How is this immortalised?

7. This person wrote about himself thus: "Principal virtues : keeps his nails clean. Principal faults: that he has no family , is bad tempered and has a poor digestion. One and only wish: Not to be buried alive. Greatest sin: that he does not worship Mammon. Important events in his life: None". Who?

8. An author, as a sign of gratitude to the nurse who had cared for his firstborn child, gave a script and asked her to sell it when she was in need of money. Years later, when the nurse was really in want of money, she sold it and lived in comfort for the rest of her life. The manuscript was the first part of a famous work of this author Name the book and author?

9. The MIT students calculated my speed to be around 1046 km/sec, bout 3000 times the speed of light. The total load weight involved in my transfer is 321000 tonnes. 214000 living organisms of the same species are involved in my transfer. I have 918 million destinations to reach in 31 hours across 24 time zones visiting 822.6 destinations per second. Who or what am I?

10. The result of an experiment at MIT went - ‘Specimen X had a specific gravity of 1.00 Specimen Y had a specific gravity of 1.06. Specific gravity of XLY. Hence QED’. What did the experiment prove?


Ashmur said...

2.Radio Mirchi or was it Red FM
5. Stade = 1/8 th of a mile (not sure)
9. dunno but i think there's a mistake in the question. 1046 km/sec can never be 3000 times the speed of light
10. I think X is water (SG=1)

vidyuth said...

6. something to do with robin hood?
9. santa claus
10. that blood is thicker than water ;)

Darth Nazgul said...

1. clueless
2. Radio Mirchi?
3. -
4. -
5. Approx. 400 m?
6. Baa baa black sheep :)
7. Waren Buffet?
8. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien?
9. This must be some superhero

SenthilSpeak said...


Delayed submission due to work pressure :) here are my answers. I have a few guesses too for the unanswered ones but will keep them for now :)

1. __________

2. Red FM? I believe this one since has been sold since and NDTV has a stake...

3. ___________

4. This was the first movie (in India) which used flashback as a technique.

5. The most reliable is 607 feet or 185 meters. Legend has it that the first olympic stadium was measured by Hercules himself with his foot as the standard measure (600 feet).

6. Through the rhyme "baa baa blacksheep!" - Good one this

7. __________

8. ____________

9. Santa Claus

10. That blood is thicker than water :)

selva said...

really sry 4 d delayed ans... jus culdnt find were it was posted..
wel d ans are...
1. Its SONY![i was surprised no one ventured evn 2 guess at tis!!]
2.ya its Red.. was said by Eastman about the brand KODAK![;)]
4.i think senthil got this right.. it gave the flashback sequence[:D]
5.saw a good guess frm him again... but the distance is equal to the distance that Hercules can run in a single breath!!!
6.and yes its d nursery rhyme baa baa black sheep... got to rem our kindergarden eh??[:P]
7.its a surprising ans i guess... its Alfred Nobel..
8.i thught 4 tis u ll get d ans... its Jungle Book by Kipling!!
9.thanks 4 pointing out d mistakes in calc ashmur... i ll b sure 2 pass it on 2 the MITians if i get a chance... its Santa Claus only..!
10. and for the final thing - vid n senthil got it fully n Ashmur got it partially[;)] it is Blood is thicker than Water!!

Hope the questions were interestin!![:)]