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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Welcome to the official blog of the Coimbatore Quiz Circle, a group of people who love quizzing as much as they like their Annapoorna sambar, if not more.

We meet every fortnight, breaking the monotony of everyday life with an informal quiz at the PSG Institute of Management on Avanashi Road, which may be general or on a specialized subject. The quiz is usually conducted by a different member each time.The others split into teams, and guess away to glory. Witty answers, uncanny remarks or some of the unlikeliest-of-guesses-which-end-up-being-right, you name it, you’ll find it.

The CQC also conducts its annual Open Quiz, held during the time of January/February, and is currently in the process of promoting quizzing among various schools in and around the district (in collaboration with Samarpan, an NGO).

Details about the informal quizzes will be put up Friday, in the Coimbatore edition of the Metroplus Weekend.

For further details about CQC, contact:
Anjan - +919791803837
Senthil - 09363225581
Mail us at if you wish to inform us about quizzes.

Come, join, seek, and you'll see.

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