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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The last informal quiz was hosted by vidyuth, and here’s what he had to say, ;)

“hey all,

quiz was a major success, and i’m one of the happiest ppl right now. i was very surprised, apparently word got around that i was to be the quizmaster and the entire thing was dominated by 4th and 5th standard school kids! (Apparently the way they see him he wears a cape and matching undies outside with the letter Q written on it! You go vidyuth!!)
Apprehension set in, i didn’t know whether they’d be able to get any. ultimately they didn’t, but a few guesses were highly brilliant :). the nicest thing about this episode was that the guys managed to crack each and every q and i had to give out the answers to only like 3, out of 50.
anyway, here’s the ultimate thing which i used for the finals. didn’t have enough time for round 6, so didn’t go thru with it. 
thanks to all those who contributed, sorry that some of you guys couldn’t make it. chal, maybe next time! :)
Sadly semesters made me miss it.
So here it is, the e-version of it.

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