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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tata Crucible 2011 (Campus)

The CQC wishes to congratulate our very own Natty and Sticky for coming second in the TC2011 Campus edition. It was a super fight, down to the very last question. Unfortunately our boys were pipped by the team from Bharathiar University who put on a commendable show throughout the quiz.

PS: On behalf of the CQC, I would like to make it clear that the aforementioned twosome owe one hell of a treat. ^_^

The Big Day

The Chennai Silks CQC Open Quiz took place on last Sunday(6/2/11). And what a day it was Preparations for the big day had been going on for a while but there was last minute work as usual. The montage team burnt burnt midnight oil and got the final version ready at four AM.The CQC team assembled at the venue at around seven thirty and preliminary work began. The Quiz for Rural Schools and Government Schools started at nine thirty. This was organised by the NGO Samarpan who have been collaborating with us for a while now to take quizzing to all parts of Coimbatore. The auditorium , with a seating capacity of around 1500 people, was overflowing . This was something that was seen throughout the day. The questions were in Tamil. The students were boisterous and their enthusiasm was infectious. Six teams made the stage and the winning teams was from Presentation Convent,followed by Siddapudhur Corporation School and Kadri Mills HS School.
This was immediately followed by the School Quiz for matriculation students in English.Again huge number of school students participated. The questions contributed by Senthil and Shivram(Shtud) and the quiz master was our own Senthil(Ungil). The questions were very interesting and workable. Needless to say they were recieved with great enthusiasm. Mudassir and Aditya came first. Sourab and Prasad came a close second. Harsh Shah and Arjun Jhavery from Chinmaya International came in third. It was heartening to see that the first two teams were regulars at CQC.

The Open Quiz started at Two Thirty PM and had more than 250 teams participating. A few CQC regular teams were also spotted. The quiz master was Sheilendra Bhansali of Tata Crucible fame. A few questions into the prelims and it was clear that the question taking team comprising of Oldies and the guys abroad had put in a lot of effort . The standard of questions was higher than last year and it was clear that the participants enjoyed it. Regardless of whether they cracked it or not, most applauded when the answers were revealed. Six teams that made the stage included a team from Kerala, one from Bangalore , and one from Chennai. The finals included two Infi Bounce rounds, a Buzzer round and a Theme round. There was close competition all the way. The first three positions were cemented only during the last round. Natraj(Nutty) and Varun of CQC came first , followed by Shibin Azad 's team at second and Shivram(Shtud) and Arjun Mohan(Metal Gaad)of CQC at third . The prizes were given away by the owner of Chennai Silks. After the crowd had dispersed, CQCians had a photo shoot followed by a dinner, bill footed by the two teams with prizes.

All in all our second edition witnessed more participation , was much better in terms of organisation and most importantly was much more fun.Thank you all for coming,See you next year !

Saturday, February 5, 2011

We're in the papers.

A day too late. Check out Friday's edition of Metroplus Weekend, Coimbatore.

Thanks to The Hindu!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get ready folks.

The CQC Open Quiz 2011 is just two days away.
As a reminder,
Date: 05/02/2011 (Saturday)

9.30 AM – 1.30 PM (School Quizzes)
2.00 PM Open Quiz

Venue: Kikani High School auditorium, Brooke Bond Road, Coimbatore.

Gear up.

PS: This blog admin apologizes for not being able to post questions regularly. New questions will be put up from next week. Cheers!