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Sunday, January 17, 2010

"SPENT" the day quizzing one of the best quizzes!!!

I am sure that all of those lucky ones present on 17/01/2010 would agree with me when I say that Senthil Sir provided us with one of the best quizzes the CQC has ever seen. His sports and entertainment quiz which was taken in a matter of 2 days(His earlier quiz was taken in a span of one day!!! Looks like that is your lucky charm :P ) had a perfect mix of everything, new and old. The MVC was just too damn awesome. Kudos Dunga!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Chandru's Chinna Quizzzzzzzzzzz

Here is Chandrasekhar's quiz for all those people who were either busy sleeping, or watching a movie, or busy with some real office work or just too damn lazy to drive all the way through the six lane road :)

Answers to the quiz

I was kinda surprised to see that not many people answered the questions. Proves that there are a lot of lazy bums in here :P. Anyways here are the answers to the quiz. The highest was by Pranav who got everything correct :)

1. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

2. Landing sites on the moon

3. A goal scored directly from a corner kick

4. Kobe Bryant

5. Gelato

People wishing to put up their questions please mail them to . We will try our best to put up a set of questions every week and see to that the blog doesnt go for its hibernation frequently.