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Sunday, January 17, 2010

"SPENT" the day quizzing one of the best quizzes!!!

I am sure that all of those lucky ones present on 17/01/2010 would agree with me when I say that Senthil Sir provided us with one of the best quizzes the CQC has ever seen. His sports and entertainment quiz which was taken in a matter of 2 days(His earlier quiz was taken in a span of one day!!! Looks like that is your lucky charm :P ) had a perfect mix of everything, new and old. The MVC was just too damn awesome. Kudos Dunga!!!!

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ram said...

Ram here: thanks to dunga for preparing this quiz, it was really a great treat(although you owe us an actual treat ) for us who were deprived of quizzing for more than a month and that MVC was damn gooood ( i cracked it :D)