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Friday, January 30, 2009

A few interesting ones from Selva.

1.They began to appear in quantities in the 1860s. "I hate those redbreasts", cried "Punch" in 1869. In 1877 "The Times" magazine declared them a great social evil, and it was following difficulties with them in 1879 that the London Post Office in 1880 cried out "Post Early". What are we talking about?


  1. In the old theatres a mixture of CaCO3 and Phosphorous was used to produce effects on stage. Which phrase originates from this?


  1. In 1932, Japan planned to kill 2 Americans with a view of provoking them to              war. One was Joseph Curran, the American Ambassador. Who Was the other?



  1. ‘He who paints the sky Green and the grass blue must be sterilised’. Who on whom?


5.      This book originally came out with the adline “ A full vacations’ reading for   $3” but didn’t sell because $3 was considered too expensive for it. Then it became a   best seller with its alternative adline. Book or new adline?


6.      What is the claim to fame of Marcel Marceaus’ utterance ‘Non’ In the history of cinema?

Also check this out.


SHIVA said...

1.Followers of Jack the ripper
2.Phosphor mixed with calcium carbonate might give is the answer "Smoke on the water" :P
3.Charlie Chaplin??
4.I know that was said by Hitler, but i dunno about whom.... my guess would be picasso or da vinci
5. Mein Kempf??? (Wildest guess)
6.First mime artist... (was asked in one of the quizzes which i attended)

Pai said...

1. Cartoons
2. Limelight
3. Charlie Chaplin
6. Easy, This is the only spoken word in the SILENT MOVIE by Mel Brooks

SenthilSpeak said...

I posted twice but that did not go through I guess, so here it is once again.

(Selva, I guess this is from a quizzing blog as all questions are familiar)

1. Greeting cards
2. Lime + Light
3. Charlie Chaplin (I have checked some but could not find any supporting info)
4. One painter on another (Hitler on Picasso)
5. Gone With the Wind (I guess a Landmark question?)
6. Only spoken word in the “Silent Movie”

selva said...

wel i dunno senthil sir.. actually a friend mailed these ques 4 me.. so i jus it sent to the blog so tat all may knw.. and yes all of ur ans r rite!!!

1.its greeting cards,[;)] the limelight,
3.charlie chaplin[as all guesd],
4.hitler on picasso[gud coment frm senthil sir],
5.gone with the wind[i likd dis q],
6.only spoken word in the "Silent Movie"...

and dont worry! i ll post my ques next time..[:)]