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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Silver Jubilee!!!

Here is a small quiz commemorating the 25th post of the CQC blog. Please avoid googling as it gives you the answers right away. And lets hope this trend continues making CQC an even bigger success than it already is :)

1.The band's name was derived from the word X taken from the Wilbur Smith novel Sunbird. In this novel, X is the name of a city of the moon. Name the band. (Not workable but included it as I wanted a tribute question :) )

2.What is the contribution of Alberto Korda aka Alberto Diaz Gutierrez's contribution to the world? His contribution is used even on currencies in his native country. (The country would give it away)

3.This is the first time a Tamil movie is having a promotional song i.e A song which does not feature in the movie but has been released to media. Which movie? (Clue if it helps, The song was sung by Benny Dayal)

4.X were generally supplied by Goldings which was a very famous Barnados school. Some duties of X include rolling and feeding. A roll may seem like something simple at first, but the rolls must be flat, straight & fast. Identify X.

5.X has never acted as a villain and has never used the "F" word in his movies. At the age of 17, X worked as a stuntman in the Bruce Lee films Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon under the stage name Chen Yuen Long. (Sitter!!! But a very famous photo!!!)

6. Identify the personality.

7. The only one connect in this quiz :P (Sharan!! You already know the answer and so you are not allowed to attempt this question)

8. Gunter's Chain is a measuring device used for accurate land survey by triangulation. It consists of a chain formed of 100 long wire links, with brass tags along the chain for intermediate
measurement. One of its lasting legacies is as a very well-known length. Of what?

9. X was a very famous personalty. His friend Y is also a very famous personality. Once when X went to Y's house, Y offered X something to eat. What Y offered was something very very well know to X. Y then casually asked X "How is the Z?". Y answered that it was very good and that it was even better than his product. X smiles and tells him that what he gave him was infact his own product but the only difference was that he had heated it in a microwave oven and given it. This idea was used by X to increase the popularity of Z. What is X,Y and Z? (The question might be confusing but the answer is a total sitter!!!)

10. I debuted for Madras University under the captaincy of Krishnamachari Srikanth. I have rubbed shoulders with Mohammad Azharuddin and Ravi Shastri. I am a leg spinner. But suddenly i totally lost my action and I stopped playing the game altogther. Now I am known in Tamil Nadu as a full fletched comedian. Who am I?

P.S again- Googling takes all the fun :P


SenthilSpeak said...

1. I worked backwards as I am Wilbur Smith fan and know that Opet is the moon city. The band is OPETH (?) (They played in IIT Chennai or Bangalore this year right?)
2. No idea.
3. If you change “this is the first time” to “this was the first time” the answer would be Subramaniapuram, if not, I have no clue.
4. No idea
5. Jackie Chan
6. Pass (I was going through this link 2 days back and could not figure out more than half of the pics!!
7. The connect is Rudyard Kipling (The four vultures in the movie were named after Beatles(the book does not have them), Wimbledon has the poem “If” By RK on the players’ entrance to centre court, and the book cover is from Jungle Book. (Good work to put up a not so obvious cover design Shiv).
8. Cricket Pitch ( I have heard this one before)
9. No idea
10. No idea

dagalti said...

1 and 9: Well left
2 The Che photographer
3 thEneeril snEgitham from Subramaniyapuram (is it the first !)
5 Jackie Chan
6 Bruce Willis
7 The Book is Jungle book (mildly cheated when I saw the url of the pic).
Lines from Kipling's "If" are in the player's entrance to the center court in Wimbledon
Beatles connex no idea

8 Cricket Pitch length
Mark Twain (which is also some distance measure)

10 (mottai) Bosskey ?

Aravind \m/ said...

1. Opeth (the city is Opet though)

3. Vaaranam Aayiram??

clueless abt the rest,and i'm not able to see the images..damn the internet over here!! x-(

Aravind \m/ said...

5. Jackie Chan? (can't see the pic remember)

Ryan.A.Nash said...

(I'm using this because otherwise my comments will be posted directly. )

1. Opeth!
2. My initial guess would be the illuminati eye.
3. Dunno
4. Tennis machine?
5. Jackie chan! (Good one!)
6. Bruce Willis, this was a kriya leftover actually. :D
7. Ok! :P
8. Cricket pitch, HEard this before.
9 and 10. you told me.

Ashmur said...

2. The photograph of Che Guevara
8. Used for measuring Mountain peak heights?
9. Easy one.. X- Krishna Sweets Krishnan
Y- Shivaji Ganeshan
Z- Krishna Sweets Mysurpa

Pranav said...

4.I think ballboys for wimbeldon

Shiva said...

The answers:

1.Opeth (The name of the city was Opet)

2.Che Guevara's photograph which was nominated as the "Best photograph in the world"

3.Subramaniapuram and the song was Theneeril Snehidham

4.Ball boys/Ball girls in tennis

5.Jackie Chan (Quite obvious!!!)

6.Bruce Willis :-)

7.Refer Senthil's comment for the entire perfect answer

8.22 yards of the Cricket Pitch

9.X- Krishnan
Y- Sivaji Ganesan
Z- Krishna Sweets Mysurpa

10.Bosskey. One of the duo in Ari-Giri Assembly.

Until the next post, Take Care :-)