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Friday, April 24, 2009

Long Time No See

Hey everyone! It's been a while, hasn't it? A while is an understaement I should say. "Quite a while" would be precise. So here is a set of questions from Chandrasekar of CIT, with more of sports in it. As usual leave your comments.

Answers for the prev quiz

1.Opeth (The name of the city was Opet)

2.Che Guevara's photograph which was nominated as the "Best photograph in the world"

3.Subramaniapuram and the song was Theneeril Snehidham

4.Ball boys/Ball girls in tennis

5.Jackie Chan (Quite obvious!!!)

6.Bruce Willis :-)

7.Refer Senthil's comment for the entire perfect answer

8.22 yards of the Cricket Pitch

9.X- Krishnan
Y- Sivaji Ganesan
Z- Krishna Sweets Mysurpa

10.Bosskey. One of the duo in Ari-Giri Assembly.


Ashmur said...

I was there at the CIT quiz where some of these questions were asked. Also Chandru has personally asked me one of these questions.
I am answering the rest. Since there are no question nos, i go by slide nos.

2. Asked at CIT quiz
3. Serbia and Montenegro
4. Andy Roddick and Younes el Ayannoui played the longest match at Australian open in 2003.
5. Allah, America and Aristocracy or Anarchy
6. with none. as far as i know, its only Sundaram Finance Ltd
7. I think the Q in PML Q stands for Mohammed Jinnah whose full name reads somewhat like Quad Mohammad Jinnah or something like that.
8. I think they've all hit six fours in an over in test. not sure.
9. Chandru had asked me this question
10. no idea
11. no idea
12. all their states have Rupee as currency
13. S J Surya. Good one da :)
14. question from CIT quiz
15. Edelweiss ICL
16. Maratha Warriors

SenthilSpeak said...

I had trouble recognizing some of the images (definitely getting old!!) but will try and do my best!!

a. This is MJ Gopalan who played both cricket and hockey for India. One end in Chepauk stadium is named after him. He was a very fit and sprightly man even well into his old age (tall too), I have seen him on and off in Triplicane where he lived in the ‘80s.
b. Of the other two, no clue but I am guessing either it has to do something with being a dual international or bowling the first ball in a competition (MJ in Ranji)

2. Montenegro

3. No clue

4. Allah, America, and the Army

5. Royal Sundaram Royal & Sun Alliance of UK

5. Quaid-e-Azam

6. Easy, 6 fours in an over

7. Jews (?)

8. Heroines of Sidney Sheldon novels

9. Untimely Deaths?

10. No clue

11. SJ Surya, Vaali, Kushi, New, and Anbey Aaruyire

12. Aston Villa

13. Edelweiss

14. Maratha Warriors

Good one Chandra!