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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Low on strength :|

Owing to school students having their half yearly exams and most of the regulars caught up with some personal work, the CQC meeting on 13/12/09 saw a meagre crowd. But even that didnt dampen our quizzing spirits, as we went along with the quiz with our usual fun and brilliant(yet incorrect :P ) guesses. The actual QM for the day was supposed to be Ram Mohan who had to leave on account of his internship. So I took the role of the QM, discussing his 30 questions and 1 SVC and me putting together another 20 questions and 1 LVC. Here is the powerpoint for the people who missed it. Lets hope for the usual crowd for the next CQC meet. Cheers!!!!


Anonymous said...

nice blog..................................................

Arul said...

Thanks Shiva for uploading in record time and a great quiz to boot.the connects were awesome..keep up the gud work..

straight from the heart said...

good quiz !
and as sir said record upload time(usually takes aeons:D)

SenthilSpeak said...


The question on Raj Kiran should be scrapped... like mentinoed in the quiz.. the timelines dont match.

There was a Basera in 1981 in which a Raj Kiran acted but he was a Hindi Wallah to boot a tall and chubby guy who plays sambhar roles.