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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hello Folks!!!!

Hello quizzers,

The long hiatus in the blog being updated with the quizzes is attributed to many reasons. Laziness, laziness, more laziness, very lazy and absolute levels of laziness to name a few :). After many failed members by the CQC members in trying to get the blog "MODERATORS" (Sharan, Vidyuth and Me) to post up the quiz, the subtle art of "UNDER THE BREATH" cursing was used. After many sessions of torturous mails, life threating SMS-s and road rokos :P, we have finally agreed to meet to the demands. We present to you the quizzes which were conducted over the past couple of months :)

The regular quizzing season will be commencing soon and I assume that the gladiators are sharpening their swords to taste victory. Best of luck to all you people and see you guys at the meetings.

Aravind aka 2-D aka Windy:

Ganja :) :

Sunil :

Sammy :


P.S. I hope my lame excuse was good enough :)


SenthilSpeak said...


Mr. Snooker has cocked a snook at his fellow moderators and dared to update the blog.

Welcome and may this state of wakefullness continue ...

Otherwise I would be usig a Shiv to beat you up a la Mafia Wars!!

Thanks Shiv

Ryan.A.Nash said...

Shiva's finally mastered the science of blogging and uploading stuff on slideshare. Yay!

Arul said...

ah atlast and thanks for all the quizzes..From one of the moderators..

Shiva said...

dai saranya....public a ippidi ellam asinga paduthadha