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Thursday, December 31, 2009


As we come to the end of the year, I am sure that everyone would agree when I say that CQC has seen one of its most wonderful share of quizzes and quizzers over the past year. Just for gigs ( And since I don't party and because of that I am sitting all alone at home and watching hell a lot of movies), I have posted a few questions.

1. Even though the name was coined only in 1983 by Eugene Miya of NASA, the idea is quite old. For example, Matthew Hopkins introduces it as "Certaine Queries answered” in his book The Discovery of Witches in 1647. In the internet era it was developed at the NASA in the early 1980s for the SPACE mailing list. It was a result of several factors – expensive storage, the reluctance of users to check archived messages and laziness felt by the NASA employees to repeat replies. Its use is now not restricted to the internet. What?

2. A map of what?

3. The name Olympic Goal is used to describe a particular type of goal in football. The name is derived from a goal by the Argentine player Cesáreo Onzari against the then Olympic champions Uruguay at Buenos Aires on October 2, 1924. The legality of this type of goal has been questioned. The most famous instance of this was Celtic's 1950's midfielder Charlie Tully whose goal was disallowed by the referee. However he scored again almost immediately and this time the goal was allowed. How is the goal scored?

4. Who was named after this?

5. An easy one. What is the Italian word for “freeze” or “frozen”?

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