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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CQC Online Quiz #3

Put up your answers as comments.... Answers will be revealed by sunday evening.....

Question Courtesy: Sharanyan "Football Head" Ravi :)


? said...

1. cyclicality?
- vidyuth

Meena said...

Om and Hrim are two components of the hindu hexagram which also happens to be the star of david representing eternal life.The ankh is the egyptian symbol for the same. and the dragon represents no beginning no essential eternity of life

Ashmur said...

No idea about the first one.

2. I know Alan Shearer is the all time top goal scorer in EPL. The first pic looks like Silvio Piola, who i think is thetop scorer in Serie A. Probably the other two are the top scorers in Spain and Germany. The connect is all time top goal scorers???