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Friday, April 22, 2011

OQ #52

1. Question contrib: Toodles
Her diplomat father went missing during World War II. She traveled to India with her mother Marlene Richardson and eventually made her breakthrough with a number titled 'Mr. John ya Baba Khan, Lala Roshandaan' in the film Baarish. Identify.

2. Question contrib: Jun
Connect the two pictures.

3. Question contrib: Toodles again
“I placed a coffee cup in front of John and asked him to grab it. Just as he said he was reaching out, I yanked the cup away. "Ow!" he yelled. "Don't do that!" "What's the matter?" "Don't do that", he repeated. "I had just got my fingers around the cup handle when you pulled it. That really hurts!" Hold on a minute. I wrench a real cup from _____ fingers and the person yells, ouch! The fingers were illusory, but the pain was real - indeed, so intense that I dared not repeat the experiment.”
Identify the observer of this experiment and what observation in neuroscience came about as a result?


kartik said...

1. helen.
2. no idea
3. phantom syndrome.

Aditya said...

1. India.. free..
2. Band is Pearl Jam, obviously that is not Mookie Blaylock, nevertheless connect i'm guessing is name of the band :D

3. Phantom Limbs? V.S. Ramachandran?

Gee thanks but no thanks said...

1. helen
3. phantom limb

sundaram said...

1.helen... idol,vilayanur s.ramachandran and his iconic phantom limb experiment... good one...

Sivaram said...

1. Helen Richardson
2. Pearl Jam ??
3. Ghost/Phantom limb ?