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Saturday, July 23, 2011

OQ #73

Yes, yes, I know there've been no posts for a while. The moderator apologizes, yet again :|


1. The lady in the picture was an inspiration for a famous logo, and was created by an English sculptor in 1909. Identify the lady and the logo.

2. Recent funda: Which project was initially named Emerald Sea?

3. "Today, modernity and dignity have become an either/or matter. But you don't have that in X's music. His music is modern, cool and has a certain dignity; there is nothing cheap about it."
excerpt from Javed Akhtar's foreword of a particular book. Who is he talking about, and what is the name of the book?


kartik said...

1. must be spirit of ecstasy. Cause u've mentioned the logo. else would have gone for statue of liberty.
2. Googled . didn't know.
3. RD burman?

sundaram said...

3. ar rahman the spirit of music?