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Sunday, October 16, 2011

What a turnout!

The CQC celebrated its 3rd anniversary in a grand manner. Prof. Rangarajan, as usual, put on a great show for the masses. And masses it was! The hall was brimming, and what's even more impressive is that most of the audience decided to stay back and watch the finals. It more than made up for the appalling lack of participation during the recent informal sessions.

The prelims were on paper, and 6 teams were selected for the finals:
Team No. 1: Ashwin and his dad Bala from Brookefields
Team No. 2: Vishal and Bharadwaaj from Amrita School of Engineering
Team No. 3: The Tirupur Tughlaqs, YoPai and Senthil
Team No. 4: Anjan and Vidyuth
Team No. 5: Sheilen and Govind
Team No. 6: VSSR (Varun Subramaniam and documentary-maker Sarat Rao)

5 nicely framed rounds of pretty awesome quizzing and super guesses followed, and the results were:
1. Tirupur Tughlaqs, Yo and Senthil
2. Anjan and Vidyuth
3. Sheilen and Govind

Prizes were sponsored by the Coimbatore Public School.

After the quiz, the members gathered round for an informal "adda" type session on account of Sarat Rao. You can also follow his progress on his documentary on quizzing, aptly titled "Furiously Curious", by visiting his blog @

All in all, a good day. Thanks to the people who made it happen!

As a side note, it's fitting that this post should be the 250th post of the blog. Cheers!


Shiva said...

Brilliant!!! So when will the questions be put up on the blog for unfortunate souls like me

Rammohan said...

Good stuff!, same as question as shiva as well

42 said...

pliss to direct qns to Professor