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Sunday, November 3, 2013


1) In a canyon behind this monument is a chamber, cut only 70 feet  into the rock, containing a vault with sixteen porcelain enamel panels. The panels include the text of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, biographies of four people.Which monument are we talking about?

2) _________ is an unofficial holiday celebrated among  on October 23, between 6:02 AM and 6:02 PM. This is often celebrated with students to get them interested in science. It originated in an article in The Science Teacher in the early 1980s. Inspired by this article, Maurice Oehler, now a retired high school chemistry teacher from Wisconsin, started the traditions. Give me ________

3) In the time of the early Church, Christians would perform this gesture in order to invoke the power associated with the Christian cross for protection, when faced with evil. Moreover, Christians, when persecuted by the Romans, used the same gesture, along with the Ichthys, in order to recognize one another and assemble for worship services. In 16th century England, people continued to make the gesture in order to ward off evil, as well as when people coughed or sneezed.

What gesture are we talking about? 


Arjun said...

1) Mount Rushmore
2) Mole Day
3) The cross gesture that Christians do when praying. Crossing one's forehead, chest and the shoulders.

Hariessh said...

#3 Kissing the cross

Hariessh said...

#3 Kissing the cross