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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tata Crucible 2010/Coimbatore

A weekday Business Quiz is what we crave for and if its Tata Crucible ,still the better and with the trend Giri has been setting on the questions in the crucible's this year,we were expecting quite a humdinger as there were lots of general quizzers around.So on 28th Sep the prelims of Tata Crucible Coimbatore started at The Residency sharply at 5.00(lets say 5ish) with a set of 20 questions.from around 50 Odd teams ,6 teams made it on stage :
1.Robert Bosch-Ranjana and Rahul
2.Swadisht Foods-Vishal and Arun.
3.The Chennai Silks-Yogesh Pai and Arul(Ashok)
4.The Bhansali's-Sheilen and Priya
5.CTS-Yaggy and Venkatesan
6.BV-Kalaiselvam and Sarvanan.

The Chennai Silks went into an early lead on the first round with an educated guess on Memorandum followed up with an outstanding guess on Statue of Liberty.But the next three rounds we were completely off target and even managing a -5 for the Omega Connect.In the meanwhile BV caught up and took the lead with some outstanding answers on the connect round
and especially the TTk one.
But in the final round ,we had the final say for marching towards the final with two fast answers on LV Prasad and hamdard and going into the lead played it safe on the final question on the starwberry which is 80% being produced by the Tata's near Munnar.Most of the teams got caught in the frenzy and went for the buzzer and lost marks.Eventually BV came second with a score of 30 and we came in first at 55 Points.Think so robert bosch came in third and the rest of the teams finished on 10 points each.
A dearth of audience questions but eventually our own Senthil-( as Sheilen put it,the God Father of quizzing in Coimbatore) did get a Goody bag for his efforts .
Just to add in here was the most silent protest that we did bring into the notice of Giri of the point mentioned in the tata crucible Website about teams taking on a local team mate and participating,which in sense makes it very unfair for teams from Chennai to take on a local coimbatore team mate and take part.So this eventually means coimbatore will lose on say about 2-3 teams from this region being on stage and which was the case this time also with two cases of people from chennai being on stage when actually those spaces could have gone to teams from coimbatore who would have prepared for this event>our final request to Giri was to take this up with the Tata's the next year and make it very clear for outstation teams not taking part.

So here goes the prelims questions and even though we do remeber some of the final questions we will stop with the prelims for the time being. 1932 which newspaper was started ,free press journal and the founder delivered the newspaers himself by van?-Indian Express
2.inventor of an improved stock printer?called the Universal STock printer?T.A.Edison
3.Which brand is associated with the tems "Thedapan",hindi for crookedness?kurkure
4.Man of the 20 the century?by FICCI-Dhirubhai Ambani
5.full form of OLPC?one laptop per child
6.Which brands visiosn is "to organize the worls information and make it universally accessible and useful?-Google
7.who advocate the policy of Employee First customer second(ECFS) and the book was released by Harvard press?Vinay Nair
8.Brand which deals with role reversal between man and monkeys?Alpenliebe
9.Captain Gopinaths Autobiography?Simplifly
10.A pharma giant with an APIS BULL in the logo and the largest producer of Insulin,two danish companies merger?Novo Nordisk
11.US army developed Multi Purpose wheeled Vehicle?Humvee
12.Which brand was used a germicidal during the plague?Lifebuoy
13.What product has the Bhavani region got a GI for?Jhamakalam / carpets/blankets
14.A photo shown of the evolution of World wildlife fund(WWF) logo?
15.Ananda Vikatan magazine mascot?? photo shown of CTS President and CEo-Francisco d'souza was shown?
17.Ram Charan -management Guru ,author photo was shown?
18.Pontiac Logo shown
19.Vinai thaandi varuvaiya-movie still shown and distributor asked to identify?red Giant movies-udaynidhi stalin
20.Finger print shown and this newspaper is coming into coimbatore recently?Times of India.

To finish of two obseravations that
1.Start with and end with a newspaper question.
2,No walmart or a retailer question.


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