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Friday, October 22, 2010

A Long time coming.

Hello folks,
Yes, it's been ages since the blog was updated with a proper quiz.
Seeing how not a single quiz has been put up after the kickass WC quiz, and also how Themee @Soopy @ Sammy doesn't seem to have his full quiz at hand, let's start off with uploading a not-so-Shiva-KQA-hifunda quiz ( :D ) which was conducted by the Shtud for all seasons, on the 17th of October.
Due to large amounts of media, the quiz cannot be uploaded on slideshare, so rapidsharing it is.
Here's the link:


PS: the blog shall now be regularly updated with questions almost every other week. Contributions are most welcome. Let's get this back on track!


ritwam said...

Do you have to be a member of CQC to download this file ? If not, the link takes you to register, apparently an online game..Am I missing something here

Shiva said...

hey.... dont click on the ad... at the bottom right there will be a sign saying "Save file to your PC: Click here"... use that to download the file

42 said...

^ what he said :D