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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Online Quiz # 9

Two more questions:

1)Tell me what this is.(Pretty simple)

2)He was stabbed by a prostitute to the point where his entrails hung in the open. He survived. Nobles poisoned him with cyanide enough to kill five men . He survived. Then they shot him four times and still he lived. What's more, he even tried to strangle one of them whispering “ You bad boy”. Then he was clubbed thrice and castrated. The bound him, rolled him in carpet and threw him into a river. Finally he died. When the recovered his body they found he had broken his bonds and was dead only by drowning in the icy river. Who?


Shiva said...

1. Beer pong
2. Rasputin

42 said...

1. beer pong
2. rasputin

de shyam, beer pong is the name of the picture if you click it da :D
question scrapped

MeTal GaaD said...

dai ! why'd u leave the comments non moderated?


Aditya said...

1.Beer Pong

Dai, moderate the comments da.

42 said...

ok thambigala and thangachigala.
btw, sticky, you have a quiz blog? sollave illa?

praveen said...

1. beerpong
2.gregori rasputin

Aditya said...

I do? :o