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Monday, October 25, 2010

Online quiz #8

Ok, so the updating every sunday thing isn't really working out :D
will update as and when I get a question.
Question contribution: Subramaniam

Identify the personality in the photo, and give her claim to fame.


Arjun said...

She's the only woman to have played in the NBA. No names in my mind though.

Shiva said...

first african american woman to participate in the basketball event in olympics and get a medal??

SenthilSpeak said...

First point in Olympic Women's basketball event '76 I think. Lucia.....

42 said...

Answer: Lusia Harris. She is the only woman ever to be drafted by the NBA.

perfect answer by arjun.

SenthilSpeak said...


She is actually the second woman drafted but the first one did not join, she did but did not play so I kept that thought out but requesting that you do check for my answer's eligibility as I am pretty sure of this. Will let you know by tomorrow if I do search thsi out....

42 said...

maybe fault with wording.
"She was the first and only woman ever officially drafted by the National Basketball Association."
also, "She scored the first ever points in women's Olympic basketball tournament."

your answer is right too :)