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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Meet

CQC meets for another session this Sunday, the 25th of December. The quiz is to be conducted by Vignesh KR from Amrita (aka 6'2").

Location: PSGIM
Time: 3.30 PM


Mano mani said... manoj .m frm Dj academy..actually i was more interseted in quizing so could you send me the quiz progam details and here i wil attach my maild-id :

Mano mani said... Manoj.M ..from Dj Academy..actually i was more interseted to attending the Quiz i want know about weekly weekly quiz programing kindly send to my mail i wil attach the mail id:

42 said...

sure! will mail you whenever we have a meeting next

Mano mani said...

hi if thr any quiz program will held means pl inform to me .....