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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kurukshetra XCeed Biz Quiz

Mail sent by Rohit Suresh.

Kurukshetra Xceed is now on its way to Coimbatore.

Kurukshetra, College of Engineering Guindy's annual inter-collegiate technical festival, is organizing Xceed. The Biz Quiz (sponsored by Eaton) being one of the premier events at the fest itself, it is fitting that it is brought to Coimbatore as well. As it is making its debut, we look forward to seeing a huge turnout.

Apart from sizeable prize money, the added bonus for all you participants is that the winners get a free ticket into the national finals of the inter-collegiate Biz Quiz at Anna University, Chennai conducted by renowned quizmaster, Mr. Gopal Kidao. If this doesnt get you going, nothing will.

Team size : 2
Cross-college teams allowed.
Date : January 29, 2012
Venue : PSG Institute of Management
Time : 2.00 p.m.

Contact : Rohit. S - +91 90039 25929

Prize money details will be enclosed in a separate mail.

Please come. Thank you.

Note : Although the date is quite close to the actual fest date (which is February 1 to 4), we would be unable to book tickets for the winners. It is the responsibility of the teams to book tickets. However, we shall be reimbursing the one-way ticket cost as promised. This is in addition to the prize money.

Edit: People who are worried that it will clash with QuizTrac, relax. QT is tentatively scheduled to be held on the 22nd of January.
As usual, I will post a reminder a week before the event. But find your partner accordingly.

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