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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OQ# 36

1) Operation Frequent Wind is considered to be the largest evacuation using helicopters in history.  50,493 people were evacuated . Pilots accumulated 1,054 flight hours and flew 682 sorties throughout Operation Frequent Wind. Where did this take place and why?

2) X, An Indian politician, met Obama in 2008 before his election as a president. He discussed about a book being authored by him on Obama and lauded the Democrat for his dynamism ."Your dynamism and charisma have touched the hearts of people in remote corners of the world, crossing the barriers of the continents," he said. The draft of the book, Yes, We Can also earned an autograph from Obama, who signed, "X Yes, We Can" . Identify.


ram said...

1. bah
2. Vaiko

Dwarkesh said...

1- south vietnam.. rescue op

SRI RAM said...

1)The evacuation from south vietnam.

kartik said...

1.Vietnam war . it was operated to save the vietnamese at risk. at south vietnam.
2.Pranab mukherjee?

Pai said...

1. ? Hurricane Katrina ?
2. Our very own Vaico the sai co

govindv said...

1.after hurricane katrina struck at New Orleans