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Sunday, December 19, 2010

OQ #42: A Very 2D LVC

LVC contrib: 2D

  • 9 slides
  • Non-exhaustive, finite list
  • The list is in random order.
  • Answer is very specific.
  • Slides aren't numbered, so please note the the slide at which you crack, and mention it in the comments.
PS: 42nd online quiz win!


Aditya said...

xbox special editions da, got it at Hello Kitty

omkar215 said...

i think i got it... these are the different xbox editions da.... black edition being the normal one...etc

i cracked it on the 50 cent one coz i am a fucking gangsta :D

and 42 OQ.... epic :D

Arul said...

Its the X Box Special Limited editions.Got it at the Hello Kitty slide.

praveen said...

XBox editions....
in d seventh slide