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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

OQ #39

Questions contibooshan: Omithehomie

1. Genentech Inc. is the world’s first biotechnology company, founded in 1976 by a venture capitalist Robert Swanson and a biochemist Herbert Boyer. What was its ticker symbol on the NYSE? Note: It was acquired by Roche Ltd. in March. So, it now trades under the Roche’s ticker ROC.

2. The name of this product/service was selected because it was onomatopoeic. The word typically represents a sound of arrival or conclusion, such as the sound made when an elevator arrives. The company felt that it was memorable, short, easy to spell, and that it would remind people of the sound made during the moment of discovery and decision making. What is the name?

3. What common word originates from the fact that ancient Greek poetry was usually recited with the music of the lyre?


anjan said...

1. DNA
3.Lyric or Lyrics

SHIVA said...

1. DNA
2. Bing
3. Lyrics

Aditya said...

1. DNA
2. Bing
3. Lyric

praveen said...

2. bing
3. lyrics

Arjun said...


Aravind \m/ said...

1. DNA
2. Bing?
3. Lyric

sundaram said...


Meena said...

2. Bing..although I always thought elevators made DING!! :P

Sunil said...