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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

OQ #67

Qns contribution Shtud

1. Unique connect. Thee Thee from Thiruda Thiruda and Dol Dol from Ayudha Ezhuthu (Citation Needed)

2. In 1966, C. Carson Parks and his wife Gail Foote recorded this song for an album called "San Antonio Rose". The popularity of the song shot sky high after the duo of X and Y sang and released this song as a single. The song came under controversy due to the intimate nature of the song, making people to name this "The Incest Song". Song, X and Y.

3. X is a film technique that syncs the accompanying music with the actions on screen. The term comes from the early and mid-production of Y's films, where the music almost completely works to mimic the animated motions of the characters. X-ing may use music to "reinforce an action by mimicking its rhythm exactly. X is also used to criticize that a visual action is - without good reason - being duplicated in accompanying music or text, therefore being a weakness of the production rather than a strength.


kartik said...

1. dol dol by blaaze was a remake thee thee from thiruda thiruda. (chumma guessing)
2. something stupid by frank sinatra and his daughter.
3. ?

Seezha said...

1. Dunno
2. Miley Cyrus and Robby ray Cyrus
3. Dunno

sundaram said...

1.these are sung by foreign singers i guess... shahin badar and caroline... googled... good ques

Meenakshi said...

2. frank and nancy sinatra


Divya said...

2. the song is "somethin' stupid" and X and Y are Frank and Nancy Sinatra.

3. Mickey Mousing