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Friday, June 24, 2011

OQ #72

Apologies for the delay.

1. The name of this geographical feature derives from two words of a certain Indian language which mean "Smoke" and "Rock". Identify.

2. Identify the 2 gentlemen, and tell me what is happening.

3. Visual connect (whether it's long, medium or short, you decide.)
Please mention which slide you cracked it on in your comment.


sundaram said...

2.orson welles ? with hg wells? war of thew worlds

SenthilSpeak said...

1. Hoge -ne- kal

2. Random guess - King's speech?

3. Could identify but no connect :(

Aravind \m/ said...

1. Deccan?

Arul said...


Arjun said...

2) left guy looks like hg wells. no idea what's happening.
LVC : Trademarks a??