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Sunday, June 5, 2011

OQ #69

4 for today.

1. Murattu Kaalai is a 1980 film directed by SP Muthuraman starring Rajini. The movie featured songs such as Podhuvaaga Yen Manasu Thangam which became a superhit, and the film established itself as one of the early blockbusters in Superstar's career. Interestingly, the film had an actor play the role of Lord Krishna (the only time he played the role) although those scenes were cut from the final theatrical release. Who is the actor?

2. Black Comedy is a 1961 play by English playwright Peter Shaffer. The title of this post-war farcical comedy is a pun, because all the action takes place in a flat in London during an electrical blackout as a dinner party is going on and the effect it has on the eight members present. A couple of months back, it was brought to life in India (it was the director's maiden theatre venture), touring the country with many shows. Who is the director of the play and what is unique about the production?

3. Do-not-google.
In July 2009, when the Delhi High Court gave a verdict under decriminalizing homosexuality in Delhi, X called a press conference and said, "This verdict of the court will encourage criminality and sick mentality. This kind of thing is shameful and insulting to all of us. We are blindly following the West in everything. This is breaking the family system in India. Homosexuals are sick people, they should be sent to hospitals for treatment."X?

4. Little Dorrit is a serial novel by Charles Dickens published originally between 1855 and 1857. It is a work of satire on the shortcomings of the government and society of the period. My question is, the novel describes one of the earliest instances of which notorious operation?


Aravind \m/ said...

3. Baba Ramdev?

sundaram said...

1.kamal haasan?
3.baba ramdev

SoBan said...

1. KamAl hassan?
3. The one, the only, Baba Ramdev. :D
4. a Sting operation?

Ashmur said...

1. Guessing Thalaivar himself
2. No Idea
3. Baba Ramdev?
4. No idea