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Friday, June 3, 2011

OQ #68

1. The guy in the pictures was the subject of a film by American artist, sculptor and filmmaker Julian Schnabel (he went so far as learning the language, which was earlier foreign to him, in order to get a feel of the characters). What movie?

2. Identify the lady in the wheelchair, and give me her claim to fame.


sundaram said...

1.the diving bell and the butterfly about a man who suffers from locked in syndrome... with brilliant photography by janusz kaminski...
2.esther vergeer... unbeaten in wheel chair tennis since 2003

omkar215 said...

1)Jean Dominique Bauby for the Diving Bell and the Butterfly


2) i am guessing thats the wheelchair tennis winner. Shes got some unbelievable streak.

kartik said...

1. Guess its before the night falls da, inspired by that gay fellow
2. no idee

Arjun said...

2) She's that wheelchair tennis player who hasn't lost a single tennis match since 2003.