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Monday, January 2, 2012

OQ #77

Been a while since we had one of these (4 months, to be exact :|). Anyway, thanks to Sticky's magnanimous efforts, I've decided to post the A-Z round he had for his farewell quiz as the question for today. This is a treat for those of you who missed seeing his quiz. For those who didn't, well, tough luck :D


When __A__ was asked why he decided to spell __B__ as such, he said it was a __C__-esque touch.

__C__ is known to have collaborated with __D__, who has a very unique unit named after him.

__D__'s workplace was called 'The Factory' and the character of __D__ was played by __E__ in a 1996 movie named after __C__ (It was a Biopic of __C__)

__E__ has also played the character of __F__ in a 2006 film __G__, about a rivalry and an ultimate 'trick'.

__F__, in real life is known to have had a major rivalry with __H__, termed __I__.

__H__ holds 1093 US Patents in his name.

__J__ is the Director of __G__. He has also directed a movie __K__ based on a short story written by __L__.

__L__ has also made a special appearance as a policeman in __J__'s first film __M__.

__J__ is set to release a film in 2012, in which __N__ stars in a role, that has previously been played by __O__, who won a Razzie for the performance.

__O__ has been played an ally to __P__ in __Q__, one of the __P__ series of films. This role had __O__ rated the 4th toughest girl on screen of all time (according to an ITV News Poll). Topping the list was __R__, who acted as __S__ in the __T__ films directed by __A__.

__R__ has also played a role in __A__'s 1994 film __U__, for which she was nominated for an Oscar.

__A__ won the Best Oscar for Screenplay for the movie __U__, which also got __V__, who played the role of __W__ a nomination for Best Actor in a leading role.

__A__ has also directed another movie __X__, that released in 1992, and was screened at the Sundance Film Festival.

__Y__ played the role of __Z__ in __X__.

The characters __Z__ and __W__ have later been confirmed to be brothers by __A__, who has ben trying to work a movie with both brothers in it, however, the project remains unrealized.


Bhavadharani said...

G- The Prestige
F - Nikola Tesla
H - Thomos Edison

Ryan said...

A - tarantino
B - inglourious basterds
C -
D - warhol
e - david bowie
f - tesla
G - prestige
H - edison
I - war of the currents
J - christopher nolan
K - Memento
L - jonathan nolan
M - following (was his first movie but i dunno if his brother starred in it)
N - anne hathaway
O - halle berry
P - james bond
Q - Die another day
R - uma thurman
S - beatrix kiddo
T - kill bill
U - pulp fiction
v - john travolta
w - vincent vega
X - reservoir dogs
Y =
z -

Aravind Subramanian said...

a - quentin tarantino
b - inglorious basterds
c - basquiat
d - andy warhol
e - david bowie
f - nicolas tesla
g- the prestige
h - thomas alva edison
i - war of currents
j - christopher nolan
k - memento
l - jonathan nolan
m - following
n - anne hathaway
o - halle berry
p - bond
q - die another day
r - uma thurman
s - the bride / black mamba / beatrice kiddo
t - kill bill
u - pulp fiction
v - john travolta
w - vincent vega
x - reservoir dogs
y - michael madsen
z - vic vega

Thanks to Ryan for the andy warhol part. Didnt figure that out till I was typing the comments.