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Thursday, January 19, 2012

OQ #80

Yet another set...

1. X recalls this incident to be the most significant moment of his life. X was once travelling in a train when a fellow passenger asked him about his profession. X replied, “I play Y for a living”. The other man replied, “To earn a living out of Y, you must be X” not knowing who X really was. This incident was also made into an advertisement recently. Who is X?

2. Relatives of Doubleday employees were hired as couriers, to deliver portions of this book from the company's head office in to the printing plant. At the printing plant, the book was given the code name ”Neil Armstrong”. Which famous book?

3. X made its debut in the year 2002 on the occasion of  the Football World Cup. The Programme was conceived, devised, planned and first produced by Shri. P.S. Parameswaran, . The show has on an average received calls from more than 30,000 viewers and also 3,000 e-mails per show. It reaches around 83 countries. X has now entered the Limca Book of records as the longest running weekly ____ show on television in India. X?

4. Raja Bahadur used to be driver on the bus route  from Srinagara to  Majestic Circle in Bangalore. He used to supplement his income by running a dairy business. Every month, he used to send Rs.200 towards a cause. What? Exact answer please.

5. Other kids' games are all such a bore!
They've gotta have rules
and they gotta keep score!
X is better by far!
It's never the same! It's always bizarre!
You don't need a team or a referee!
You know that it's great,
'cause it's named after me!

The X Theme Song… X?

6. Two famous fictional characters’ address is 221B Baker Street. One is Sherlock Holmes. Who is the other? PS: The answer is not Watson.

7. If 
Swami and Friends : R K Narayanan
Swami and Friends – A Few Enemies Too : ?


vickykr 6'3" said...

1.x-vishwanathan anand y-chess


3.bsnl sports quiz

4.fees for rajinikanth's acting classes

Aravind Subramanian said...

3. BSNL Sports Quiz
4. Acting lessons for Superstar Rajnikanth
5. Calvinball
6. House, M.D.


Adhithya said...

1. X - Viswanathan Anand, Y - Chess

2. Moonwalk

3. X is BSNL sports quiz

4. He is Rajnikanth's friend and he sent 200 Rs/month to help Rajni study in the Adyar Film Institute.

5. X is Calvinball (Calvin and Hobbes' game)

6. Dr. Gregory House

7. Subramanya Swamy

aravind jk said...

1. vishy anand..
2.Moon walk
3. bsnl sports quiz
4.Rajni Kanth :) :)
5. pass
7.subramanian swamy ?? i remamber a serial named so !!

Vignesh S said...

3.BSNL sports quiz in D.D.
6.Danger Mouse
7.Subramanian Swamy

Kavin Ayyapparaj said...

dustin springfield lives there.....

Surya Narayanan said...

1.X-Vishwanathan Anand



Ashmur said...

1. Vishy Anand
2. Moonwalk by MJ
3. BSNL Sports quiz
4. Thalaivar's acting classes
5. Calvinball
6. I think Dr.House. Not very sure.
7. I'm guessing Subramaniam Swamy

A street dog said...


2. Moonwalk , autobiography of Michael Jackson

3. BSNL Sports Quiz in Doordarshan

4. To Rajnikanth, when Rajni was studying in Adyar film institute

5. CalvinBall


7. Subramania Swamy