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Sunday, January 8, 2012

OQ #78

The next few online quizzes will be from the Wildcard round conducted by the Association of Serious Quizzers (ASQ), PSG Tech's resident quiz club, as a part of the general quiz for Intrams 2012, an intra-collegiate event. Most questions are rehashes of old ones, so bear with us.

1. Connect these personalities: 
Teacher of sociology at Brigham Young University for a semester: Frank Adams
Chief resident pediatrician in a Georgia hospital: Frank Conners
Pan American airways pilot: Robert Black
Louisiana general attorney: Robert Frank

2. How are the 4 classes of the Feudal system (viz. Clergy, Warriors, Merchants and Peasants) immortalized in the world of gambling?

3. Which country was named by Amerigo Vespucci after he saw the native homes on stilts in the Maracaibo Lake?

4. When was the only time Brazil won a football gold in the Olympics?

5. This symbol is known in different languages as monkey’s tail, pickled herring, elephant’s trunk, pig’s tail, ear and snail. What?

6. In a New York City bar in 1985, as photography business owner Joanna Ferrone and art director Sue Rose sipped after-work drinks, Rose found herself doodling on a napkin. The fellow who appeared exuded guileless confidence, inner wisdom, and a free spirit. Ferrone named him ____ and gave him a belief in the benevolence of the universe to provide (albeit in often unexpected ways).

7. Priest are usually ordained to perform Baptisms and Funerals. But apart from them who else is authorized to perform these two rituals?

8. In a landmark agreement between US trade Representative Susan Schwab and Minister of Commerce Kamal Nath on April 12th, 2007,what was allowed access to the Indian Market in exchange for the export of Indian Mangoes to the USA?

9. Lord Venky of Tirupathi is called the Lord of the Seven Hills.What are the seven Hills supposed to represent?

1 comment:

Rajashri Iyer said...

Sorry i know the answers only for these
5.the @symbol
7.Ship Captains
8.Harley Davidson MotorBikes
9.It represents 7 hoods of adi sesha