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Friday, May 6, 2011


OQ #57:
1. The Sri Lankan Premier League.

After ALL that hullaballoo in the guava orchard that they created about how country cricket is more important. Hypocrites.
Cracked by Sundaram, Asok, Kartik and Arjun M.

2. Simple Engrish really. Reverse mentoring is the concept by which older businessmen learn stuff like the latest technology from younger ones.
Cracked by Shtud Bhai, Asok and Sourabh.

3. Duet, and none other than Kadri Gopalnath and Rahman. cracked by Shtud and Kartik.

4. translated, "Osama bin Laden, Enemy Killed In Action", the code used by the CIA commandos to inform the POTUS of their epic victory.
cracked by all who attempted :)

5. Vicks VapoRub it was :)
cracked by Biz God Asok, Kartik and Sourabh (was that a guess young Padawan? :D)

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