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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The ASQ Marathon

Today, the regular classroom at PSG Institute of Management bore witness to an epic attempt by the Association of Serious Quizzers, PSG Tech's quiz club: a quiz marathon of sorts. 5 quizzes spanning over 10 hours, and it was awesome, to say the least.

A brief gist (for those who missed it): The ASQ Marathon was basically conducted as a kind of a farewell to the seniors of the club, who are passing out this year.
  1. We had Loki, who opened the day with a Cameo quiz, which he called The "Slightly Orbit" quiz, the funda being, if you cracked a question, you got a pack of Wrigley's orbit gum :D
    12 questions. Short and sweet :)
  2. Then came Farzana Unnikamu (Edathodu?) who wowed everybody with a kickass medical quiz, which also happened to be her first quiz for a non-medical audience. Certainly did not seem like it. All questions were crackable, and it was thoroughly enjoyed :)
  3. We had honorary ASQ member Shiva aka Shtud Boy enthralling his audience (:P) with an awesome quiz.
  4. After lunch was myself (Vidyuth, and I wouldn't like to comment on my own quiz). Now for want of time I wasn't able to do 2 rounds, which I have retained and shared in the ppt below. Please to be seeing the rounds and commenting.
  5. PS: Any non-attempts at lynching me for the LVC will be much appreciated ^_^
  6. Lastly, we had Goutham, fellow ASQ member ending the day with the ultimate India quiz.
All in all, it was an awesome day. Thanks to all the QM's for making it happen, and thanks to the participants especially. You guys rocked.
Special thanks to PSGIM for having borne with out noise and let us use their classroom for the entire day.

Here are the quizzes, in the order in which they were conducted. Enjoy!

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