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Thursday, May 26, 2011

OQ #66

1. He traded his French Open trophy with someone and got a Grammy award in exchange. Name both the fellows.

2. Complete the list. More people can be added.
John Hunt, George Lowe, Alfred Gregory, Tom Bourdillon, Charles Evans, X & Y.

3. Continuing on a similar vein as the previous question, identify the people in the picture.
Clue: Thomas Gray.

4. Open theme: Famous people in their younger days.






Meenakshi said...

3 b gwyneth paltrow???


Arjun said...

3) Tenzing and hillary?
4) George mallory is one. dunno the other.

kartik said...

1. no idea
2. did not know at first. but got it from the next question. tenzing norgay and edmund hillary
3. the one and only SIR george mallory and his wife( forgot here name). she does look good :p
4. eric clapton
rita hayworth
no idea
jimmy page