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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

OQ #59

Questions contribution: Shivram aka Shtud bhai and OmitheHomie

1. Gravestone of?

2. X market is is the costliest market shop in New Delhi. It has been ranked as the costliest retail location in India. it was rated as the world's 21st most expensive retail high street by real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield and is consistently ranked as one of the costliest high end streets. Originally this place was allocated to immigrants from ________ after the partition. Hence they named the place X market. What the place?

3. Michael Griffin writes: "He killed the Hockenheimring, and will probably be pleading with Simon Gillet to do the same to the Kraner Curves at Donington. Sepang is just ridiculous, Bahrain is similar to Malaysia and has only two or three good places. Shanghai again has four good places, but only if you are on an overdose of brave pills. Valencia is an absolute failure in terms of racing action. Abu Dhabi is meant to be a street circuit that is ridiculously wide, and has silly run-off areas like Bahrain. He is on a mission to obliterate Formula One, and maybe the new aero rules next year can be the only thing to save the art. Is he slowly killing Formula One?"
Who is Michael Griffin talking about?


Aditya said...

1. dunno.
2. Khan Market?
3. Herman Tilke?

Sivaram said...

1. Billy Wilder
2. Chor Bazaar ??
3. Herman Tilke

Respectful Disagreement said...

1 - Billy Wilder?
2 - Khan Market
3 - Herman Tilke.

The Robinator said...

Billy wilder

anjan said...

1. Screenwriter Billy Wilder
2. Khan Market ( sexy qn )
3. Herman Tillke- the guy who designs the F1 circuits

Arjun said...

3) has to be michael schumacher