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Friday, May 13, 2011

OQ #60

1. What is happening here?

2. She is the wife of Odin and foremost among the goddesses in Norse mythology, and is the queen of Asgard. Who is she?

She attended Newton North High School in Massachusetts, and Sarah Lawrence College, New York.
Her middle name is Beauregard.
She had a mother named Anne and has a father named John.
She had an unnamed brother, whom as was recently revealed, she euthanized.


desertwind said...

1. Tom Savini applies make-up to Ari Lehman as Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th).
2. Frigg
3. Remy Hadley (House)

omkar215 said...

1) is some dude checking out the elephant man?? no clue


3)13 aka Remy Hadley

ET! said...

2 freya

farzana said...

2 - Frigga.

Dwarkesh said...

3- "13" from House MD

The Robinator said...

Remy Hadley